6 Insurance necessities to remember this Christmas

Christmas time is always a hectic time for any nightclub, bar or pub, and a great time for business as people go out to celebrate the holiday season. But with this increase in footfall along with adverse weather conditions, make sure you don’t receive any unwanted presents this year by taking some advice from NDML insurance.

Injuries in your venue

Checklists can be extremely useful in monitoring things like glass collection, toilet cleaning and spillages, they can also be used as evidence against spurious claims, so try to make sure that checklists are completed at least every half an hour. It is useful if the checklists make a note of action taken such as cleared spillage, swept broken glass etc rather than just a simple tick in a box.

A claimant has three years in which to pursue a claim, so please ensure that you retain your checklists securely for at least three years. Insurance companies are likely to make sure you have followed the relevant procedures to try and defend the claim if an injury does take place.

Cold Weather

Ice is of course a huge problem and the root of many accidents in the winter months, but there are things you can do to minimise risk.

The council will grit certain areas but it is incredibly likely that key locations will be left untouched, to combat this do you own gritting, especially in outdoor stairways and on entrance steps. Keep a record of times when you are clearing paths and using grit.

If your establishment has a flat roof it should be checked regularly with a record of these inspections. To prevent frozen pipes in winter time, your policy may require you to ensure that the pipes are lagged and that that thermostatic switches are set to activate the heating system whenever the temperature at the coolest point of the building drops below 4 degrees Centigrade for example. Check you individual policy for the requirements specific to you.

Overly Busy Venues

While it’s always good to be busy, there could be the risk of your establishment going over capacity if it is not closely monitored.

To help make sure that your venue does not get overly busy, ensure that each area in the club has a posted occupancy limit sign. These signs should be easily visible and should be effectively enforced by door staff and management.

If you receive a complaint about overcrowding, be sure to follow it up immediately. You are very likely to receive an unannounced inspection from the Fire Service if a patron was to raise concerns to them if their concerns were not taken seriously. Overcrowding can be extremely dangerous and an incident at a university this year has already ended in tragedy. It is always better to turn away business by denying entry, than to risk permanent closure due to an accident.


At this time of year if you are dealing with Christmas parties and functions your takings may well be higher than normal. Now is a good time to review your policy to check what the limit is in respect of the money you keep in your safe and what you are permitted to have on your premises.

Is it adequate? If not you may need to consider banking your takings more regularly or contact our office to see if your safe limit can be increased. Please remember that the keys to the safe must be removed from the premises when it is closed for business or the keys locked securely in another safe. If you are not complying with this warranty then in the event of a claim you could find that you have no cover.

Security and Alarms

Please ensure that when the premises are closed for business that the alarm is set and if you have any doubt that the alarm is not working properly then do not leave the premises unattended until the issue is resolved.

If you are aware of any issues with your alarm even if it has been reported to the alarm company and is being fixed we must know about this as soon as possible and the venue must not be left unattended.

Entertainment Extras: Foam Parties and Bucking Broncos

As part of your Christmas celebrations, you may be considering a foam party, adding a bucking broncos or other extras like confetti cannons to your venue, make sure you inform your insurance specialist before the event. It is always better to speak to one of our many trained advisors who can establish what is covered by your policy.

This is because policies typically exclude this type of activity, so if you are intent on using any attractions like these then be sure to have your cover extended so you are protected if an incident occurs.

Every policy is specific to your venue so it is vital that you check the individual wording for your premises to ensure that the cover that you have is adequate and that you are complying with the various conditions and warranties.

If you would like to know more about how to protect yourself this holiday season, or to arrange a bespoke insurance policy for your nightclub, bar, pub or nightlife venue, contact NDML insurance brokers on 0844 488 9204 or use our contact form.

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