Faucet Inn introduce Living Wage

One of our clients, the family owned company Faucet Inn have chosen to introduce the Living Wage to its employees, a wage designed to meet the minimum living standard requirements, higher than the standard minimum wage.

Faucet Inn are a collection of eclectic pubs and drinking establishments, from traditional English pubs, beautifully designed modern bars as well as a couple of boutique hotels in London and the South East.

This altruistic move makes Faucet Inn the first UK pub company to commit to the Living Wage, set at £8.55 an hour in London and £7.45 in the rest of the UK. The national minimum wage for anyone over the age of 21 is £6.19.

Paying the Living Wage is sure to assist with recruitment and has already improved staff retention.

Managing director Steve Cox said: “This is a very worthy initiative and Faucet Inn and I are proud to be involved. I am sure it will assist the company in recruiting and retaining only the best of employees which in turn will deliver only the highest of standards of service and product required by our customers. Our commitment to this is 100% and we are currently in consultation with our employees.”

The Living Wage scheme was launched in 2001, and has been backed by Mayor of London Boris Johnson. The team behind it say an estimated 45,000 families have been lifted out of poverty since their companies adopted it.

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