Maintaining Normality This Winter

It’s that time of year again – the nights are drawing in, the temperature is plummeting and safety is paramount – it’s the ideal time to check that the maintenance of your building is up to date.

NDML offer sound advice for keeping your premises accident and claim free this winter:

Roofs & Gutters

It is a condition of many insurance policies that your roof is checked regularly, in particularly any flat roof must be inspected at least once every two years (or more frequently) by a qualified builder or property surveyor – any defects identified MUST be repaired immediately. All inspections must be recorded and retained and used as evidence in the event of a claim.

Guttering should be checked for blockages or defects by a competent person at inception or renewal and at six monthly intervals thereafter – any remedial action required MUST be implemented immediately. All inspections must be recorded and retained and used as evidence in the event of a claim.

Heating and lagging

Have your water tanks, apparatus or pipes been adequately lagged by a qualified plumber? Is the heating apparatus in the premises controlled by thermostatic switches set to activate the heating system whenever the temperature at the coolest point in the Building drops to 4c? If not you might find you are not covered in the event of a burst pipe.

Additional Heating

Did you know that most insurance policies exclude you from using portable heating appliances of any kind, other than in the office areas? If used all appliances MUST have a valid PAT testing certificate and must be turned off and unplugged when not in use or when the area is left unattended. Failure to comply may result in a claim being disputed.

Increased stock

If you are expecting extra patrons over the Christmas period and have stocked up accordingly, please review your sums insured to ensure that they are still adequate.

Increased footfall

With additional patrons in the venue it is vital that your ‘housekeeping’ tasks do not fall by the wayside; slips, trips and falls for example are more prevelant during bad weather. Other such areas include gritting, documenting any first aid actions and maintaining regular checklists for clearing glass/spillages.

If you do not currently have the necessary logs or documentation to record such information, NDML can provide master copies for all eventualities.

Remember a claimant has three years from the date of incident in which to pursue a claim – you MUST keep your documentation for this period of time at least.

Increased takings

Extra patrons will hopefully lead to an increase in profits.

Monies not kept in a safe out of business hours may only be covered for a designated amount e.g. £250 or £500. Also, it is important to review your sums insured to ensure that the amount kept in the safe is adequately covered – it might be necessary to bank takings more regularly if the safe you have is not adequate. Failure to do so might result in not being paid in full in the event of a claim.

External Property

Many policies specifically exclude moveable property left in the open, other policies may give restricted cover; excluding perils such as wind, rain, hail, sleet, snow, floor or dust so check your policy schedule to ensure that you have the cover you require. Fences and gates are also commonly excluded from these same perils.

NDML wish everyone a safe and prosperous winter season, a merry Christmas and happy New Year.

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