Nightclub Fire Inspections In West Yorkshire

These kinds of inspections are vital to ensuring that important safety regulations aren’t being overlooked or ignored, and that partons are entering establishments that take their safety seriously.

One of the main concerns for the West Yorkshire fire service is the prevention of incidents like ones that have taken place in Russia, Argentina and Rhode Island in recent years. The Brazilian club was overcrowded and security staff were unaware of the fire as it spread, causing confusion and creating an even more dangerous situation. Investigators were eager to ensure these lapses in safe practice are not being repeated in West Yorkshire’s nightlife destinations. Signs of overcrowding, blocked exits, faulty fire alarms were the focal point of the inspectors investigations.

Fire Protection Manager Chris Kemp said that signs generally the results of the inspections had been encouraging, adding he was ‘reassured’ to know that when people are ‘having fun and letting their hair down, they are in a safe environment.’ A few nightclubs did fail to live up to the fire inspectors standards however, with two prohibition notices and two enforcement notices being posted and 41 follow up inspections arranged to deal with minor infringements.

For advice and information about the proper regulations to ensure the optimum safety for your premises, contact the Fire Protection Team on 01274 655785.

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