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Established in 1998, NDML have been providing award winning, specialist insurance services to the late night leisure industry for over 18 years. As the premier broker in this sector, we understand the diverse trading styles and associated risks that establishments face on a daily basis and regularly offer sound advice for dealing with such risks. This month we highlight Noise at Work and what you, as employers, must do to assure the safety and well being of your staff.

Nightclubs, bars etc. are often considered some of the noisiest places to work, with staff and consumers alike straining to hear over excessive music levels. The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 (Noise Regulations) protects workers in the music and entertainment sectors from exposure to excessive noise in an effort to safeguards their careers.

Music and entertainment sectors are defined in the Noise Regulations as all workplaces where a) live music is played or b) recorded music is played in a restaurant, bar, public house, discotheque or nightclub, or alongside live music or a live dramatic or dance performance.

What do the regulations require you to do? (Links will take you to the Health and Safety Executive website where more detailed information can be sourced)

The Regulations do not apply to:

  • members of the public exposed to noise from their non-work activities, or making an informed choice to go to noisy places;
  • Low-level noise that is a nuisance but causes no risk of hearing damage.

Sound Advice

The Sound Advice website and Sound Advice HSG 260 publication offer practical advice on controlling noise at work in the music and entertainment sectors and identify good practice to help avoid the harmful effects of prolonged exposure to noise. The aim of Sound Advice is to control or reduce exposure to noise at work without stopping people from enjoying music, whether you are an employer, freelancer or employee.

If the thought of risk assessing your business independently worries you, our Risk Management team have been meticulously selected for their proven, hands-on experience in the leisure and hospitality market. We guarantee to provide 100% support when dealing with all associated health and safety issues, including risks assessments, fire safety and employee issues.

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