SIA and Police Work Together in ‘Week of Action’

A ‘week of action’ by the SIA and police commenced during the period of the 13 – 21th of this month, saw 110 venues investigated. The visited establishments included clubs, pubs and bars from all over the United Kingdom.

John Montague, senior manager partnerships and interventions at the SIA stressed the importance of making sure all door supervisors are properly trained and licensed, as having well trained door staff can be the difference between a conflict being resolved without the need to take a police from the beat to resolve the situation.

Created in an effort to control alcohol-related incidents and to ensure the safety of club patrons, the ‘week of action’ also included test alcohol purchases at venues and spot checks on licenses.

Over 362 door supervisors were checked during the investigation, with the majority of the door staff checked were found to be working legally and in possession of a valid SIA licence.

357 door staff out of 362 were compliant, meaning just five door staff were operating without an SIA licence. Investigators also issued 15 warnings to security operatives for breaching SIA licence conditions, such as failing to notify the SIA of a change of their address and failing to display their licence.

A spokesperson from the ACPO, Chief constable Adrian Lee had this to say ‘I’m delighted that people are now starting to feedback their views about how we might tackle the huge strain that alcohol-related crime and disorder has on the Force.’

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