Wi-Fi Access Vital to Attracting Generation Y According to Report

A report performed by Casio’s Business Solutions Division that British pubs are failing to keep up with the needs and demands made by the young, digitally-savvy population or ‘Generation Y’ and putting themselves at risk of alienating this crucial target market.

Digital Trend

In climate in which 26 pubs close each week, a study of 2,000 UK consumers has shown that ‘Generation Y’ – people who have grown up with technology and placed social media at the centre of their digital lives, place a high value on digital facilities such as Wi-Fi in public houses.

This group are 67% more likely than their elders (Generation X) to choose a pub offering Wi-Fi services, and 70% more likely to select a pub that offers individual discounts and offers tailored to them.

Three quarters (75%) do not provide customer loyalty schemes; 78% do not offer individually tailored discounts, 91% do not offer personalised digital marketing communications, and over two thirds (67%) do not offer their customers Wi-Fi.

The report shows that, in a climate where 18% of the population no longer use pubs in their local area, 16-24s are over twice as likely to use them, most likely to meet with friends or go on a date. In support of this, 30% of young people declare they would be upset if their local pub were to close down.

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