Winners of Ambassadors Of The Night

The Night Time Economy is worth in excess of 70 Billion UKP per annum across Britain. More than simply revenue and the creation of jobs and regeneration of areas and cities, it is also recognised for its key role in our ‘Cultural Capital’.

To celebrate contributions made to the night time economy, the NTIA hosted the ‘Ambassadors of the Night’ event on Wednesday night. Here is a list of winners from the awards.

1. Chris Hill – Greater Manchester Police, City
2. Jon Drape – Ground Control
3. Warehouse Project – Sacha Lord
4. Fiona Measham, The Loop
5. Jamal Edwards, SBTV
6. Nicola Johnston, Aberdeen Inspired
7. We Love Hackney Campaign
8. Brixton BID, Michael Smith
9. Susan Aitken, Council Leader Glasgow City Council
10. Norman Jay
11. Mirik Milan
12 Harvey Goldsmith
13. Special Award, Paul ‘Trouble’ Anderson

“These awards across a cross section of Stakeholders recognizing Police Forces, Council Leaders, Business Improvement Districts, Mayors and Citizens as well as music and nightlife industry represent the enormous steps forward we have made in Britain. Nightlife lights up our streets, brings revenue and jobs, promotes culture and is a part of who we are. Lets all be Ambassadors of The Night.”

– Alan Miller, Chairman of The Night Time Industries

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