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Why Legionella could be so dangerous to your venue

Legionnaires’ disease is a type of pneumonia. It was named after an outbreak of severe pneumonia which affected a meeting of the American Legion in 1976. It's an uncommon but serious disease that occurs more frequently in men than women. It usually affects middle-aged or elderly people and it more commonly affects smokers [...]

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How are you embracing flexible working in your venue?

According to a recent report from the workforce management company, Quinyx, the hospitality sector risks losing out on 448m a year unless it fully embraces flexible working. The report suggests that by fully embracing flexible working, output and productivity can be greatly increased. At the moment, UK Hospitality workers don’t feel enough effort [...]

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Is the Government’s proposed tip legislation a good idea?

In this week’s blog, we’re looking for your opinions. Please join in the discussion on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Following a string of revelations about some companies withholding tips from staff, or placing ‘taxes’ on those tips, the government have announced plans to introduce legislation that would see all tips passed on evenly [...]

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An update from We Love Hackney via the NTIA

Dear Supporters, A huge thank you to everyone who has stood with us since Hackney Council voted through new restrictions on nightlife. Our campaign made national headlines – with thousands of Hackney residents speaking out against new rules that are a gift to big corporates and soulless chains. We want to do everything [...]

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Health and Safety update: Defend your business against industrial deafness claims

If you’re reading this, it’s very likely that your business produces very high volume levels. This is wonderful for your customers; the noise and atmosphere is what brings them through your doors. But it’s not necessarily all that great for your employees. It’s possible that these noise levels will have a long-term effect [...]

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Mental Health & Wellbeing advice for employers from NDML Risk Management

According to a major new survey of almost 44,000 employees carried out by leading mental health charity Mind: Almost half (48 per cent) had experienced poor mental health, such as stress, low mood, and anxiety, while working at their current organisation Of those respondents, only half chose to tell their employer about their [...]

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Later pub opening hours will not negatively impact night clubs

After the announcement that Aberdeen pubs may be allowed to stay open until 3am, a debate has arisen which has the potential to split the night time leisure industry down the middle. While this appears to be great news for pubs, there is an argument that it could be bad for clubs. The [...]

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Casual dining continues to grow despite industry uncertainty

The latest figures from an investigation by the NPD group show that despite a number of high profile closures in the sector, casual dining might just be thriving. In fact, visits to casual dining outlets in Britain have gone up 7% for the year ending June 2018. However, it’s not all great news [...]

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Do any of the recent regulatory changes affect your business?

Over the past few weeks and months, there have been some key changes affecting businesses in our industry, and you should be aware of them. They may not all affect you, but they could affect your suppliers or the even the way your customers access and use your venue. We’ve given brief outlines [...]

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The Saffron 2.6 million lawsuit: how non-disclosure can affect everybody

In August, insurance broker, Saffron, are facing a 2.6 million lawsuit after failing to do the relevant financial background checks on one of their customers. The lawsuit stems from Saffron arranging a £2.5m buildings insurance policy, and £140,000 loss of rent policy for Maurice Parker in 2013. The insurance however, became null and [...]

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