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Casual dining continues to grow despite industry uncertainty

The latest figures from an investigation by the NPD group show that despite a number of high profile closures in the sector, casual dining might just be thriving. In fact, visits to casual dining outlets in Britain have gone up 7% for the year ending June 2018. However, it’s not all great news [...]

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Do any of the recent regulatory changes affect your business?

Over the past few weeks and months, there have been some key changes affecting businesses in our industry, and you should be aware of them. They may not all affect you, but they could affect your suppliers or the even the way your customers access and use your venue. We’ve given brief outlines [...]

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The Saffron 2.6 million lawsuit: how non-disclosure can affect everybody

In August, insurance broker, Saffron, are facing a 2.6 million lawsuit after failing to do the relevant financial background checks on one of their customers. The lawsuit stems from Saffron arranging a £2.5m buildings insurance policy, and £140,000 loss of rent policy for Maurice Parker in 2013. The insurance however, became null and [...]

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How liable are you if a fight starts outside your venue?

It seems as if high profile fights and other incidents outside nightclubs have been more common in 2018. We’ve had the trial of England Cricketer, Ben Stokes, who was recently found not guilty of affray after a fight outside a Bristol nightclub. We’ve also recently heard of the arrest of England rugby player, [...]

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The party could be over if you choose an unrated insurer

Trusting an unrated insurer could cost you your business. That’s not scaremongering, it’s a fact. In an industry like night time leisure, where pressures come at you from all different angles, you need to know that when you put your trust in an insurer to protect your business, they’re as good as their [...]

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A brand new insurance product for NTIA members

Originally featured in the July edition of Venue Insight magazine Having recently celebrated our 20th year in business, it’s safe to say we’ve seen just how susceptible the night time leisure industry is to change. New laws, new consumer habits, new technologies; they’ve all contributed to an understandable uncertainty from nightclubs and venues. [...]

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Do the Hackney licensing changes set a worrying precedent for Britain’s night time economy?

We often blog or tweet about regulatory changes that have the potential to decimate the night time industry. It’s possible that such a change has just hit Hackney. For those who missed the story breaking, Hackney council have recently announced new licensing laws which could leave the borough’s nightlife stagnant and push night [...]

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Opening A Bar Or Nightclub In A Changing Economic Landscape, The Sensible Way: An Ultimate Guide For 2018

Opening a bar or nightclub can be a very rewarding and profitable experience if done the right way. Every year, Britain's night-time industry generates a whopping £70 billion for the economy. And yet there have been some negative headlines about the health of Britain's clubs and pubs. Some journalists have failed to understand [...]

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Why is restaurant insurance unique?

NDML have been a specialist insurance broker for restaurants and night time leisure venues for the past 20 years. In an industry where things change and adapt more often than you have hot dinners, that’s quite a feat. We put our longevity down to the fact that we specialise. For many companies that [...]

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Does Night-time leisure have a diversity issue?

The night time leisure industry is open to all. That’s the message we’d all like customers to hear. But is it the truth? After a string of high profile incidents involving ethnic minorities and the LGBT community, we ask whether night time leisure has an underlying diversity issue. The Background The night time leisure [...]

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