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We work with hotels of all sizes, from boutique hotels and B&Bs right through to large hotel groups. Whether you’re an independent or a multiple hotel operator, we want to hear from you. 

We’ll visit your premises in person to conduct a face to face review which will help us understand your individual needs and how best we can create personalised cover to suit your hotel. 

Specialist Hotel Insurance

By choosing NDML’s hotel insurance, you are choosing a policy specifically aimed at the diverse and dynamic leisure and hospitality industry. We have secured exclusive rates from a select panel of British A rated hotel insurers, who understand every facet of the hotel industry. 

Exclusive policy wording offers the flexibility to tailor each policy to meet the demands and requirements of each individual client. We guarantee competitive pricing and award-winning customer service across the board (including our Senior Leadership Team, Accounts Management and Claims department). 

Trust us to provide added value, too. We’ll keep you up-to-date with legislation and risk management changes via our monthly newsletters and our around-the-clock availability means you are constantly updated with anything relevant and important to the industry or your policy. 

What hotel insurance do I need?

Our process offers complete protection and security against a wide variety of potential claims. There are so many varied risks for leisure and hospitality businesses, and a number of ever-changing claims scenarios that it’s often hard to keep track. 

Luckily, we’ve got extensive industry knowledge so our team can help you decide which policies you need. This includes Public Liability, Employers’ Liability, Buildings and Contents, Directors’ and Officers’ cover and much more. The coverage provided by our specific hotel insurance is designed to make sure you’re protected, whatever happens. 

You should also consider our Risk Management service, which helps you to identify the main risks your hotel faces and develop checklists/inspection documents to help defend against unauthentic claims. By maintaining comprehensive records you can demonstrate good housekeeping to prospective insurers. 

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