Wheelgate Amusement Park

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Project Description

The Health and Safety Executive have confirmed that no further action will be brought against Wheelgate Amusement Park following a highly publicised accident involving a 9 year old girl in the Summer of 2016.

The organisation could have faced a fine in the region of £450,000.

Despite highly visible signage at the entrance of a mirror maze the child broke free from her parents and ran into a static mirror breaking it with both knees which resulted in severe lacerations.

Following the accident Wheelgate immediately closed the attraction whilst further enquiries were made.

They engaged the assistance of the Risk Management offered by NDML, in the investigation of the accident and to undertake a full Gap Analysis of their existing Safety Management System measured against the international OHSAS 18001 standard.

A glazing expert was commissioned by the Risk Management team to undertake a glazing assessment of the entire park and engaged the organisations Directors and Officers policy which in turn supported the appointment of their preferred regulatory lawyers Richard Salvini and Chris Foulkes from Plexus Law who immediately entered into productive and pro-active correspondence with the Health and Safety Inspector.

During the course of the enquires Jane Dronsfield (Risk Management) and Chris Foulkes (Plexus Law) successfully challenged the Health and Safety Inspectors interpretation of the regulations supporting that despite inspections having been done they weren’t necessary on static installations demonstrating that Wheelgate had gone above and beyond what was necessary.

Wheelgate implemented all of the risk improvements recommended by the Risk Management team and embarked on a program of on-going risk improvements to satisfy the regulatory obligations prescribed by the Health and Safety Executives model for Safety Management HSG 65.

Having acted immediately to ensure an accident of this nature wouldn’t happen again Wheelgate demonstrated and right attitude and commitment to Health and Safety which reassured the Health and Safety Executive that no further action was warranted.