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Why are we losing so many venues?

It’s the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about. Wherever you turn, another venue is closing. It dominates local news, it’s plastered all over social media; it’s painfully obvious when you walk down our high streets. We’ve reported on it a lot recently. From Church in Leeds to The Birdcage in [...]

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Noise complaints: know your rights

For a long time, pubs, nightclubs and bars were under attack from local residents complaining about the noise. Many found themselves on the wrong end of council legislation which caused some to close down. But rightly so, venues are starting to fight back. Social media is now packed with examples of pubs defending their customer’s [...]

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New PPL tariffs are unfair and could jeopardise the future of many venues

As if the night time leisure industry wasn’t under enough pressure, the new PPL tariffs could see many nightclubs fold under financial strain. In a week where stats show pub and bar numbers are plummeting at an alarming rate, NDML write this article to encourage venue owners to stand together and oppose unfair [...]

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