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Church Leeds – Gone but not forgotten

There was a strange mood on Woodhouse Lane in Leeds over the Late May Bank Holiday weekend. A strange mix of elation and sadness, the city said it’s goodbyes to Church; the hugely popular nightclub housed inside a, well, you guessed it, a church. The history of Church Church was the brainchild of nightclub and [...]

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Using CCTV at your venue

We know that CCTV is one of the best ways of preventing crime at your venue. It can also be vital in the claims procedure. But we also know that many business owners feel in the dark about some issues regarding the use of CCTV. The most popular article we’ve written on the NDML blog [...]

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Security: What are your insurance responsibilities

One of the things we’re keen to stress is that in this day and age, we can’t talk about security issues in the same way we did when we started out our journey as a specialist late night leisure insurance broker in 1998. The world has changed. There’s two key issues regarding security that are [...]

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Why is nightlife unfairly associated with violence?

Earlier this week, we typed ‘nightclub news’ into Google to get the latest on the night time leisure industry in the UK. The top 10,20,30 results were dominated with stories of stabbings outside an Oxford Street nightclub. Not one single positive story about all the good nightclubs do for the economy and people’s wellbeing. In [...]

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