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Comprehensive Cover for all your Bar & Nightclub needs

In choosing NDML you are choosing a specialist provider of insurance, specifically focused on the diverse and dynamic late night leisure industry. Nightclub Direct is a specialist division aimed specifically at providing insurance solutions for Nightclubs.

As the market leader, we have secured exclusive rates from a select panel of ‘Bar & Nightclub’ insurers who understand your industry.

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Being a specialist provider allows us the flexibility to offer the highest levels of customer service and most extensive cover at competitive prices.

In a society that is heavily influenced by the “no win, no fee” culture, it is increasingly important that companies trading in the leisure industry have adequate insurance cover for all aspects of their business. NDML not only support you in person but we promise to help reduce your insurance costs by providing checklists and inspection documents (available through our Risk Management Package), that will help defend against spurious claims. In addition, bi-monthly newsletters designed to support the smooth running of your club, will advise and inform you of changes to legislation and risk management.

As the official broker to Best Bar None, we have exclusive bar & nightclub rates unavailable through any other broker in the UK.

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