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NDML provide comprehensive insurance for all Golf Clubs. With decades of experience in the industry, NDML have established themselves as one of the best providers of comprehensive golf club insurance in the UK.

What is provided with our golf club insurance?

Our Golf Scheme is offered through a meticulously selected panel of golf specific insurers who offer a flexible approach to underwriting, affording us the opportunity to provide bespoke insurance to meet all of your requirements. No establishment is too big or small, and the ability to shape the product to suit your unique situation means clients do not pay for services they do not require. Our golf product is thorough, and covers the club house, greens, green keeper’s sheds and their equipment.

Despite the safe reputation of golf, safety is rarely guaranteed with sports and this is something we acknowledge. The insurance policies NDML provide protect clients from third party claims, so a no-fault physical injury occurred on your grounds poses a much smaller risk. This is particularly important when these claims can financially devastate smaller golf clubs.

In addition to their primary use, many golf and sport clubs allow the general public to hire their function facilities for specialised events, creating additional risks. In addition to buildings and contents, our unique schemes provide public liability cover and personal accident so you can feel completely assured.

What additional benefits are provided with the golf club insurance?

In addition to our comprehensive cover we also offer further benefits, including our unique Risk Management Package, which allows access to an on-line library with checklist/inspection documents designed to help defend unauthentic claims – further information can be found on our Risk Management page. We also provide monthly newsletters designed to support the smooth running of your club and inform you of changes to legislation and risk management. In an industry where changes are frequent and keeping everything in check can be difficult, clients often find this element of what we provide invaluable.

As customer-first golf club insurance providers, to assist with the payment we offer a monthly plan to help spread the cost and make life as easy as possible. This means our clients can completely focus on running their business while we handle all the insurance elements for them.

For further information, to arrange a confidential face to face review or to speak to one of our experts – simply browse our website, fill out the contact form or call 0844 488 9205.