Affected by flooding? NDML offer up to date advice

The tumultuous weather has been hitting the news every day recently, with coastal locations in particular peril from rising water levels and increased danger to flood prone areas putting amusement arcades, bingo halls and casinos at risk.

This can be a worrying time for the leisure industry as your business could have been affected, so we thought this was a perfect time to let you know how to assist an insurance claim for flooding and water damage.

Storms and gales are the most common cause of damage and disruption in the UK, according to the Met Office. Flooding in 2012 cost an unbelievable £600 million in damages.

As the bad weather is set to continue, creating disruption and widespread damage to properties all over the UK, here are some things to keep in mind if you intend to claim on the damage caused by flooding or other storm related damage.

Don’t throw anything away

Keep copies of all letters, emails and faxes you send and receive, and take photographs and video footage of any and all damage to your property. Also get photographic evidence of all equipment and (such as machines and other goods covered by your policy).

List the damage to property and belongings, the more detail the better.

Make detailed notes of damage

When you can safely enter your venue, you’ll need to record every detail of the flood damage. Make sure you do not remove or replace any items damaged without prior approval from your insurance company, instead note down all the items which have been affected, being accurate as to the extent of the damage.

If you can safely get inside your property, mark the height of flood water on the wall with a permanent marker, in all the affected rooms.

As mentioned before, take as many photos or make a video of the flood damage all over your venue.

If your insurance covers you for food or perishable goods, so make a note of anything you throw away because it has gone off, or is contaminated.
Keep a record of everything related to your claim

You should keep a detailed record of all correspondence with anyone cleaning up or repairing your leisure establishment. This will help when you speak to your insurance company about your claim. When you make calls note down the follow: who you spoke to, the date of the call or message, the time you made or received any messages, and what was agreed.

It’s also important to keep copies of all letters, emails and faxes you send or receive, and
keep all receipts of any emergency repair work you have done, like fixing electric fittings or other time critical repairs.

Something people often forget it so keep a record of measures taken to protect your leisure facility to protect it from floods, if you put down barriers or sandbags and rearranged the layout to be better protected, it’s a good idea to keep a record of exactly what and when you did it.

Make sure you don’t throw anything away until you have been informed that this is acceptable.

The flooding problems and extreme weather is set to continue, so being prepared and knowing exactly what to do when the worst does happen is vital.

Final notes on flooding

Finally, flooding is a type of damage that is sometimes missing from standard insurance coverage wording, so be sure to clarify this with us (or your insurance broker) if you have any questions or concerns about flood damage to your establishment.

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