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Make sure your insurance covers a full house

NDML works with independent bingo halls and multi-venue operators alike to provide tailored insurance policies. 

Bingo halls have unique risks and requirements that only a specialist broker will understand. We’ll get to know what makes your establishment tick, and what cover you need to truly protect your business. 

When you work with NDML, you have peace of mind that every aspect of your bingo hall insurance is taken care of. We have secured rates from specialist A rated leisure industry insurers that are exclusive to NDML. This means that we are able to offer comprehensive cover for the very best price. 

We also offer a Risk Management service that is designed to help you protect your business against various claims and litigious action. We’ll help you understand what documentation and evidence you need to defend a claim and, if the time comes, our dedicated claims team will be ready to stand in your corner too. 

Why do I need bingo hall insurance?

Like any venue that is open to the public, bingo halls face a number of risks and challenges. Slips and trips can happen to any venue – the key is to be able to demonstrate strong risk mitigation, and have experts on hand to defend you if someone does make a claim. 

You’ll also need to protect your business’s assets, such as bingo machinery or gaming machines. If your belongings are damaged or stolen, you’ll need the money to be able to replace them quickly. That’s when your insurance policy comes to the rescue. 

Cash cover, Business Interruption insurance and Directors’ and Officers’ Liability are just some of the insurance policies available you may not have considered. But what if your safe gets broken into, or you’re unable to trade for a period of time? Many businesses wouldn’t be able to survive without financial help. Don’t leave it up to chance. 

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