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Bars continue to grow in popularity, with many coffee shops and restaurants branching out into late night bars and cocktail establishments. Drinking and socialising is a big part of British culture and incredibly important to our economy. This is why bars deserve to be protected.

Bar insurance is crucial to the continuation of the night-time economy. Tight profit margins, new legislation, licensing regulations and legal issues make managing a venue one of the most difficult and complex. NDML understands these unique risks and will work alongside bar owners to deliver the insurance they require. 

All venues carry completely unique risks. Insurers won’t provide an all-encompassing, tailored policy without guidance. However, bars need an insurance policy that comprehensively protects your building, business operations, belongings, staff, customers; all while fitting within a budget. NDML are dedicated to working with you and insurers, on a case-by-case basis, to find the solution.

Raising the bar for insurance

We firmly believe that delivering the right insurance is a matter of experience and expertise. Our team will get to know your bar and your people, then perform a risk assessment so we can find the best cover available on the market.

Remember that the cheapest insurance policy will not always provide the best protection for your business. Striking a balance between cost effectiveness and quality cover is the key. We’ll help you find affordable bar insurance that provides all the protection you need.

What insurance policies do I need for my bar?

The list of policies comprised within bar insurance is almost endless.

We provide the following cover for our customers:

We work with all kinds of bars, including: late bars, cocktail bars, wine bars, gentlemen’s clubs, LGBT+ bars, themed bars, microbars, sports bars, Irish bars, rooftop bars, beer halls, karaoke bars and everything in between. We love visiting new venues and finding out about new businesses – so why not get in touch and tell us all about your bar?

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is insurance for a bar?

The cost of a bar insurance policy varies. Factors which affect the cost include the size of your venue, the capacity, the location, the condition and your insurance history. For the most effective bar insurance for the best price, use a broker. NDML will perform a risk assessment and tailor your policy to cover all the needs of your bar.

What type of insurance do I need for a bar?

Employers’ liability insurance is required by law for UK businesses. Public liability insurance is recommended to cover the possibility of an injury claim and buildings and contents insurance will cover against instances such as damages or theft. There are many types of insurance a bar will need. NDML will assess your needs and roll up the insurance into an effective, tailored policy agreement.

What insurance needs to be displayed in a bar?

The law requires you to display your employers’ liability insurance certificate. It does not need to be immediately visible to customers, but it does need to be readily accessible to you employees. In 2008 the legislation was amended to allow business to display their certificate electronically.

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