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Sports bars are sought out across the UK for their vibrant and energetic atmosphere. They are essential for our strong British sports culture, bringing together tribes of locals. However, many dangers put this type of establishment at risk. Tight profit margins, new legislation, licensing regulations, legal issues and of course a tendency to attract a boisterous crowd make managing a sports bar a complex endeavour. NDML understands this, and it’s our mission to work alongside sports bar owners to deliver insurance tailored to their needs.

Sports bar insurance aims to address the specific needs of sports bars, and in turn, a key section of our city’s landscape. However, insurers won’t provide a tailored policy without guidance. Brokers will take into account your needs, provide that guidance, and help develop an insurance policy that fits your requirements. This would include your building, business operations, belongings, staff, customers; all while fitting within a budget. NDML are dedicated to working with you and insurers to find the best insurance solution for your sports bar

What insurance policies do I need for my sports bar?

Sports bar owners will require a range of insurance options within their policy. At NDML, we offer both quality and quantity, only providing the best comprehensive cover to our clients. Some insurance options you should ensure are within your sports bar policy include:

Public Liability insurance for a sports bar will cover you against slips trips and third-party damages. This is essential for every business

Employers’ liability insurance will protect sports bar owners against claims made by employees.

Buildings and contents insurance for sports bars is crucial for the protection of your premises against theft, fire and flood.

Directors’ and Officers’ liability for bar owners can cover the compensation costs of claims made against CEOs and company directors.

Business Interruption insurance for wine bars will cover against any loss of business due to the aftereffects of a claim or unforeseen circumstance. For any periods you cannot carry out business, this insurance policy will cover the loss of income in line with the profit you would have made.

Loss of Licence policy will protect against the negative effects of having your license revoked.

Stock insurance will cover the cost of replacing stock if its damaged, lost, stolen or destroyed.

Money insurance will protect your bar’s money on site as well as any finances in transit to the bank.

We work with a wide range of establishments, including: bars, clubs, pubs, nightclubs, restaurant and hotels. We offer comprehensive commercial combined cover as well as business protection. We also offer additional covers which are necessary for clients of a certain type or area. We want to help grow the sector by protecting it.

Striking a balance

We firmly believe that delivering the right insurance is a matter of experience and expertise. Our team will get to know the individual needs of your bar, we’ll get to know your people, perform a risk assessment, and then find the best cover available on the market.

At NDML, we aim to strike a balance between cost effectiveness and quality cover. It’s why we are the largest independent insurance broker for bars and nightclubs. We’ll help you find affordable bar insurance that provides all the protection you need.

Sports Bar Insurance FAQs

How much is insurance for a sports bar?

The cost of insuring a sports bar varies depending on the size of your venue, the capacity, the location, the condition and your insurance history. For the most effective insurance for the best price, use a broker. NDML will perform a risk assessment and tailor your policy to cover all the needs of your bar.

What types of insurance do I need to open a sports bar?

Employers’ liability insurance is required by law for all UK businesses. If you don’t have it, you could be heavily fined and shut down. Public liability insurance is recommended to cover the possibility of an injury claim and buildings and contents insurance will cover against instances such as damages or theft. There are many other types of insurance a bar will need. NDML will assess your needs and roll up the insurance into an effective, tailored policy agreement.

Should my insurance policy be visible at the bar?

In 2008, the legislation was amended to allow business to display their certificate electronically. The law requires you to have your employers’ liability insurance certificate readily available. It does not need to be immediately visible to customers, but it does need to be readily accessible to you employees.

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