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Restaurant Insure is NDML’s new insurance platform, offering tailored insurance solutions solely to restaurant businesses.

Designed around the specific needs of a unique industry, Restuarant Insure aims to maximise the benefits of bespoke policies for restaurants. Our mission is to overcome common obstacles which arise from standard policies, and improve protection for operators. 

Restaurant Insure is established by NDML, the UK’s largest independent nightlife broker with 25 years’ experience protecting British hospitality.

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Specialist restaurant insurance for you

Whether you own an independent restaurant or a chain across the country, we can work with you to find tailored restaurant insurance cover to protect you against any eventuality.

Something’s cooking

Our specialists will take the time to get to know your restaurants and your unique risks. Sharp implements, red hot appliances and hundreds of visitors each day means accidents and incidents could happen at any time. Restaurant insurance is there to cover against any financial loss caused by unforeseen circumstances.

Rising costs, new legislation and economic changes means the restaurant industry faces complex risks. Ask yourself. could your business survive the impact of a substantial claim? Often restaurant insurance is the only thing between your business and huge financial losses. 

Restaurant insurance requirements

Imagine where your venue would be without Public Liability Insurance when one of your customers trips over a rogue wire. Or what you’d do without Employers’ Liability when a staff member slices their hand on a knife that’s left lying around.

You’ll need a comprehensive insurance policy that covers all bases for your venue. You’ll need to include the following:

You can pick and choose the cover you’ll need to suit your restaurant. For instance, restaurants that host live entertainment will need extended cover. Luckily for NDML customers, our dedicated Account Executives get to know your business through visitations and risk assessments, so we will recommend the type of cover you ought to consider.

From our outstanding account management team to our industry-recognised claims department, we’ve got you and your venue covered. 
We’ll work closely with you, ensuring you are happy with your cover. We will help grow your business and build a one-stop policy tailored to your needs.

Why work with a specialist restaurant insurance broker?

As specialists, we use our experience in the industry to look beyond the obvious. No two restaurants are the same.. But there are factors that many restaurants share that can produce the same risks, such as:


We take into account your neighbouring businesses, the council, the age of the building complex it’s situated in and much more to assess potential risks.

The style of your restaurant

Chains have a completely different risk set to independents, but the food served or the style in which they serve it will also be a factor. For instance, we look at the risk of political or health factors affecting your supply chain.

Your licenses

A large section of your restaurant’s profits may come from wine or beer sales. If you were to lose your license to serve alcohol, how would your business cope?

Restaurant insurance requires a specialist because risk management is so important. You can manage standard risks, like slipping on spilled food, fairly easily, but only a specialist can predict the more unusual risks and work with you to mitigate against them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What insurance does a restaurant need?

Restaurants are required to have employers’ liability insurance, this is the law for all businesses in the UK. Public liability insurance is very important, as is buildings and contents insurance, insuring against drastic financial loss. Our commercial combined insurance cover at NDML rolls these policies and more into one package. Arranging restaurant insurance has never been so easy or effective.

How much is restaurant insurance?

Restaurant insurance can vary greatly depending on many factors. These include the size, capacity, location and condition of the restaurant, as well as the insurance history. NDML will take each of these into account in with their risk assessment and deliver a premium suitable for your needs.

Does a restaurant need public liability insurance?

All restaurants should have public liability insurance, a policy which is especially necessary for public-facing businesses. To secure against financial losses, judicial costs and potential pay-outs, comprehensive public liability insurance is necessary. NDML will ensure you are fully covered against injury or property damage claims. For more information see our Commercial Combined Insurance Cover

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