Claims Defensibility Training

Do you know what to do if someone makes a claim against your business?

NDML offers free Claims Defensibility Training for our customers. We understand that running any late night venue can be a challenge and comes with unique risks. It’s important to identify risks most likely to impact your venue, and put measures in place to minimise them. 

Accidents happen. But if they happen at your venue and someone makes a claim against you, you’ll need to prove to your insurer that you did everything you could to minimise the chance of that incident happening. Essentially, you’ll need to prove your venue was not at fault. 

Claims Defensibility Training ensures you have business-wide procedures and policies in place to help mitigate risk and capture information which may assist in defending potential liability claims. 

As part of the training, you’ll receive an on-site visit or webinar from one of our expert team members. They’ll deliver a presentation on the importance of risk mitigation and claims defensibility, and leave you with a comprehensive file full of all the information you need, including procedural checklists. 

A successful claim could cost your business thousands in excess or increased premiums. Help the NDML claims team successfully defend your claim by keeping adequate evidence and documentation.

Find more information about our Claims Defensibility Training and why it’s important to know how to defend a claim here

To arrange your FREE Claims Defensibility Training, get in touch with the NDML team. Can your business really afford not to?

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