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The Krazyhouse, Liverpool

The client

The Krazyhouse is an established and diverse night club, located in the heart of Liverpool’s city centre. Spanning three independent floors, The Krazyhouse offers a variety of musical influences, separate bars and DJ’s.


The club attracts a student-centred crowd of young party goers who are looking for a great night at discounted prices.

The situation

Experiencing a number of problems resulting from intoxicated youths and anti-social behaviour, The Krazyhouse’s previous insurers were settling an average of 50% of all Public Liability claims. This is despite many of these claims being fraudulent or vexatious. As a result, The Krazyhouse was paying a significant excess on each of the settled claims, thus insurance costs were skyrocketing. 


It became apparent that The Krazyhouse needed to work with a broker that was experiences in defending spurious claims.

Our solution

Our claims team did what they do best – defend claims and negotiate on behalf of our client. Since working with The Krazhouse, their loss rate has dropped to 0%! 

TTG Inns Ltd

The client

TTG Inns is a pub management company based in Leicester. 

The situation

TTG Inns needed to make a claim. They reported this to us and our team took all the details needed and offered expert advice on what to do next. TTG Inns obtained estimates for the repair, and received authorisation for the work to go ahead. All our client needed to do was all I needed to do was instruct the work and submit an invoice once complete.

Our solution

The NDML team acted promptly in corresponding with insurers and negotiating a settlement quickly. The process from the moment the claim was reported right through to a finalised settlement took just two months to complete, showcasing our team’s quick thinking and organised, professional work ethic. 

Wheelgate Park

The client

Robin Hoods Wheelgate Park is a family theme park located in Nottinghamshire, England. The park carried unique risks due to the nature of the business which includes play centres, a water park and farm. 

The situation

The Health and Safety Executive inspected Wheelgate Park following an accident involving a nine year old girl who obtained deep cuts to her legs while inside the park’s mirror maze. 

Our solution

Wheelgate Park had followed the advice of NDML’s Risk Management team and embarked on a program of on-going risk improvements to satisfy the regulatory obligations prescribed by the Health and Safety Executives model for Safety Management HSG 65. As a result of this, no further action was taken and this avoided a fine of around £450,000. 

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