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Pubs face a incredible number of potential issues. Licensing regulations, legislation changes and legal disputes being just some of many. Each issue can make owning and running a pub difficult and unpredictable. NDML will prepare you and your pub for the unexpected, utilising our years of expertise, risk management services and outstanding personal service.

Our pub insurance policies will cover you against potential claims from members of the public or your employees. Pub insurance will also cover you for damage to your buildings and belongings. When you work with NDML’s experts, we’ll visit your pub and really get to know your business’s requirements.

Why to use a specialist pub insurance broker?

You wouldn’t buy craft beer from someone who’s only ever brewed a cup of tea. So don’t agree on pub insurance with someone who’s not a specialist.
Being a specialist takes passion, effort and years of experience. Our team have become experts through years of hard work – and it pays off for our clients.

Because we have experience working with businesses just like yours, we know the type of cover you need within your pub insurance policy. And we’ll even throw in some added extras, such as a regularly updated blogs and monthly newsletters so you can stay up-to-date with everything that matters to you and your policy.

What does pub insurance include:

We have a range of pub business insurance policies available; from standard cover, to additional covers unique to our insurers. However we appreciate the fast-paced environment involved in running a successful pub. It’s why we allocate a dedicated handler to manage your case and negotiate with insurers on your behalf.

For an accurate description of the list of covers available to you, contact our NDML team.

Public liability insurance
Protect you against slips trips claims and third-party damages. It will cover legal costs and any compensation claims if your business is found to be at fault. Dealing with customers that have consumed alcohol and could be dancing mean claims for slips and trips very common,
Employers' liability insurance
Employers' liabilty insurance for pubs will cover aginst claims made by employees. That's if a staff member or volunteer slips or trips due to company negligence, becomes ill at work due to poor standards, or due to unfair pay. This cover is a legal requirement if you employ one or more people.
Buildings and Contents insurance
Protect against costs due to theft, fire, flood or catastrophic weather-related damages. Arsen and theft are a huge risk for pubs and owners need to ensure their risk assessments and insurance is always in order. Keep your Sum Insured and inventory up to date. This cover will help your pub get back to business after a break in or burst pipe.
Directors’ and Officers' liability
Intended for pub owners, Directors' and Officers' liability can cover the compensation costs of claims made against you. Directors’ and officers’ liability does not cover claims made against your organisation as a whole, only those made against individuals for alleged wrongful acts carried out in their capacity as directors or officers.
Business interruption insurance
Provides pubs cover against any loss of business due to the after effects of a claim or unforeseen circumstance. For any periods you cannot carry out business, this insurance policy will cover the loss of income in line with the profit you would have made. This policy needs to be enough to cover the full rebuild of your premises and therefore is a very important cover that pubs should ensure they currently have in place.
Loss of Licence Insurance for Pubs
Be it music license or alcohol license, all your licenses are crucial to the continued success of your pub. Any loss of license could have a serious financial effect, and often enough involve a miscarriage of justice. Loss of license insurance policies protect against the negative effects of having your license revoked and will go someway to helping you get your license reinstated.
Stock Insurance for Pubs
Stock insurance for pubs will cover the cost of replacing stock if it's damaged, lost, stolen or destroyed. This policy type also protects against deterioration. An up to date inventory is essential, as is a correct Sum Insured because your valuation will include your regular stock.
Money insurance
The cash present at your venue needs to be covered. Money cover for nightclubs will protect your money from fire, theft and flood. It will also protect it in transit to and from the bank.
Terror Insurance for Pubs
Terrorism isurance covers against terror-related disturbances. Terror threats, attacks and cyber shutdowns are more common in densely populated areas. Your business does not need to be directly involved in the attack in order to be damaged by terrorism. The new Protect Duty legislation places a responsibility on businesses to help keep the public safe and reduce the threat level.
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Who’s getting the next round in?

Our award-winning team acts as an extension of your business, always at the other end of a phone to answer any queries you have.

We’ll drop you an email or phone call every once in awhile just to say hello. We use visitation to get to grips with you, your business and your people; to us, no two pubs are the same. We want to get to know you, build a strong relationship with your business and watch your pub grow and succeed.

NDML will protect and champion your business, whatever happens. Get in touch now for a quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

What insurance do I need for a pub?

Employers’ liability insurance is mandatory for pubs in the UK. Public liability insurance and buildings and contents insurance are highly recommended as the risks of not being covered are drastic. Our commercial combined insurance includes all these types of cover and more, rolling everything you need into one tailored, comprehensive policy.

How much does pub insurance cost?

The cost of your pub insurance policy can vary and depends on many factors. These include the size of your pub, the capacity, the location, the condition and your insurance history. For the most effective pub insurance for the best price, use a broker. NDML will perform a risk assessment and tailor your policy to cover all your needs.

Is the pub tenant responsible for building insurance?

The pub owners should have taken out a pub insurance policy which would include buildings and contents insurance. The tenant will need to cover moveable fixtures and fittings, insuring any loss of income due to damage or theft. For owners, NDML’ commercial combined insurance is the best way to cover your pub. It rolls all the necessary policies into one, including everything you need and none you don’t.

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