Commercial Combined Cover

Commercial Combined Insurance Cover provides all the different types of cover your business might need, rolled into one comprehensive policy. 

It is designed to protect all different aspects of your business, taking care of all your insurance needs in one easy to manage policy. 

You should also look into Directors’ and Officers’ Liability cover, Employment Practices Liability and Employee Dishonesty Cover. These policies come as part of our exclusive Business Protection product, exclusive to NDML customers and NTIA members. 

Terrorism Insurance, Cyber Insurance, Loss Recovery Insurance, Flood Excess Insurance and more is also available. Check out our “Additional Covers” section for more information on these useful insurance additions.

Think of Commercial Combined as a pick ‘n’ mix of all insurance covers. Together, we’ll look at your venue’s unique risk and put together a policy that perfectly protects your business.

What does Commercial Combined insurance cover?

This could include:

Public Liability

Protecting your business if something happens to a visitor or customer.

Employers’ Liability

All businesses who employ staff are required to have this cover, to protect employees should something happen to them at work.

Management Liability

Covers claims made against your directors or officers.

Business Interruption

Protecting you for any losses if your business can’t trade as normal for a period of time.

Money Cover

If your business loses money kept on-site or in transit, you’ll be covered.

Buildings and Contents Insurance

Protects your building and belongings against theft, vandalism or structural damage.

Commercial Combined covers all bases and all risks. When paired with our unique Business Protection product, you can have total peace of mind that your business is totally prepared for the unexpected. 

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