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Nightclubs are a fantastic part of our culture. They’re a place to socialise, relax and have fun. These special venues bring communities together and produce unforgettable memories. But there’s no running from the risks nightclubs face; comprehensive nightclub insurance is essential.

Nightclubs are vulnerable to regulatory changes, new legislation, criminal behaviour and accidents or injuries. NDML is a broker who understands these risks and has a strong relationship with insurers. We’ve built an outstanding reputation for delivering tailored nightclub insurance policies which covers all eventualities.

NDML's Nightclub business insurance cover includes:

We have a range of nightclub business insurance policies available; from standard cover, to additional covers unique to our insurers. However we appreciate the fast-paced environment involved in running a successful night club. It’s why we allocate a dedicated handler to manage your case and negotiate with insurers on your behalf.

For an accurate description of the list of covers available to you, contact our NDML team.

Public liability insurance
Protect you against slips trips claims and third-party damages. It will cover legal costs and any compensation claims if your business is found to be at fault. Dealing with customers that have consumed alcohol and could be dancing mean claims for slips and trips very common,
Employers' liability insurance
Employers' liabilty insurance for nightclubs will cover aginst claims made by employees. That's if a staff member or volunteer slips or trips due to company negligence, becomes ill at work due to poor standards, or due to unfair pay. This cover is a legal requirement if you employ one or more people.
Buildings and Contents insurance
Protect against costs due to theft, fire, flood or catastrophic weather-related damages. Arsen and theft are a huge risk for nightclubs and owners need to ensure their risk assessments and insurance is always in order. Keep your Sum Insured and inventory up to date. This cover will help your nightclub get back to business after a break in or burst pipe.
Directors’ and Officers' liability
Intended for night club owners, Directors' and Officers' liability can cover the compensation costs of claims made against you. Directors’ and officers’ liability does not cover claims made against your organisation as a whole, only those made against individuals for alleged wrongful acts carried out in their capacity as directors or officers.
Business interruption insurance
Provides nightclubs cover against any loss of business due to the after effects of a claim or unforeseen circumstance. For any periods you cannot carry out business, this insurance policy will cover the loss of income in line with the profit you would have made. This policy needs to be enough to cover the full rebuild of your premises and therefore is a very important cover that nightclubs should ensure they currently have in place.
Loss of Licence
Be it music license or alcohol license, all your licenses are crucial to the continued success of your nightclub. Any loss of license could have a serious financial effect, and often enough involve a miscarriage of justice. Loss of license insurance policies protect against the negative effects of having your license revoked and will go someway to helping you get your license reinstated.
Stock insurance
Stock insurance for nightclubs will cover the cost of replacing stock if it's damaged, lost, stolen or destroyed. This policy type also protects against deterioration. An up to date inventory is essential, as is a correct Sum Insured because your valuation will include your regular stock.
Money insurance
The cash present at your venue needs to be covered. Money cover for nightclubs will protect your money from fire, theft and flood. It will also protect it in transit to and from the bank.
Terror insurance
Terrorism isurance covers against terror-related disturbances. Terror threats, attacks and cyber shutdowns are more common in densely populated areas. Your business does not need to be directly involved in the attack in order to be damaged by terrorism. The new Protect Duty legislation places a responsibility on businesses to help keep the public safe and reduce the threat level.
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Creating unique insurance for you

We began over 25 years ago as a nightclub broker which specifically helped night clubs find the right level of insurance for their needs. NDML believes in the beneficial aspect of nightclubs, be it for the economy, culture or community. We want to protect venues and help them grow. 

Our business insurance offers genuine protection that has stood the test of time and is proven to work. Comprehensive commercial combined cover includes Buildings & Contents insurance, Business Interruption insurance, Public Liability insurance, Employers Liability insurance, Cyber insurance and much more. 

We’ve also worked alongside the NTIA to develop an exclusive insurance product designed for the needs of your venues. This includes additional insurance cover, full legal support and risk management and health & safety advice. For more information on our Business Protection product, click here.

Why work with a specialist nightclub insurance broker?

We are passionate about the night-time industry and its importance to British culture. Having arranged nightclub insurance for over 25 years, we’ve seen it all. That means when we are working with you, our nightclub insurance service is bespoke and tailored to your venue.
We will work with you to understand the policies your nightclub requires.

Our experts have worked with venues of all shapes and sizes. We’ve provided nightclub insurance to small up-and-coming venues, medium-sized nightclubs, and some iconic venues. We know how challenging and rewarding it is to work in the night-time industry.

By partnering with industry bodies like the NTIA, BARBIE and Best Bar None, we contribute towards safeguarding the future of late night leisure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What insurance does a nightclub need?

Nightclubs must have employers’ liability insurance. This is mandatory for all businesses in the UK. Public liability insurance and buildings and contents insurance are also highly recommended as they could save you from massive financial losses. NDML’s Commercial Combined Insurance Cover for Nightclubs will provide you with these policies and more, ensuring you are fully covered for any eventuality. Our risk assessment and personal service will provide you with a bespoke, tailored insurance policy.

How to run a nightclub business?

To run a successful nightclub business comprehensive insurance is essential. Claims can be a massive setback for nightclubs trying to become established. Effective insurance which fully covers the owners, employees and premises is a critical component of running a nightclub business. NDML will provide a personal service, working with up-and-coming nightclubs throughout their growth. We will provide guidance and advice, offering a commercial combined insurance cover which rolls together all your policies into one easy-to-understand package.

How much is nightclub insurance?

The cost of nightclub insurance varies depending on the venue. Factors include the nightclub’s size, capacity, condition, location as well as insurance history. For the best insurance policy with the most comprehensive cover at a cost-effective price, use a broker. NDML will tailor your policy to your needs, covering you for any eventuality.

8 Tips Nightclubs Can Use To Help Prevent Drink Spiking

At NDML, our mission is to help and protect nightclub and nightlife venue owners. We have put together 8 useful tips as to how operators can make reasonable adjustments to help prevent spiking.

The industry wants to assure students and club-goers that nightclubs and bars are some of the safest places to visit at all times of the day. Nightclub managers and investigating police have been asked by the government to give reasonable evidence they are acting against the so-called ‘spiking epidemic’.

We’ve also supplied posters nightclub owners can download, print out and stick-up inside or outside their venues.

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