Cashing In On Sport

With the Open, the Ashes, the Rugby World Cup and other sporting events set to hit our screens this summer – NDML suggest ways that pubs and bars can capitalise financially and maximise profits by screening said events.

The legalities

In the first instance ensure you have a valid licence for screening any sports that are not aired on terrestrial channels. The news is peppered with clubs being fined extortionate amounts of money by SKY and the likes for streaming their programmes through unofficial platforms.

Creating a buzz

Don’t just show the headline matches/games – show all the ones in the run-up too, this will whet people’s appetite and also affirm brand loyalty as customers are assured they will be able to view every game/match at your premises.

Advertise. Use social media, chalk boards or official merchandise to inform customers of up-coming events. Maybe stage competitions or special deals on food and drink – customers are motivated by offers – we all like a bargain!

For the bigger occasions you could host an outdoor event (British weather prevailing!) Beer festivals, BBQ’s, kids fun days are incredibly popular and bring people out in their droves, however you must remembers to inform your insurer if you are going to hold such an event to ensure your policy wording covers all eventualities.

Why not even hold your own sporting event? Most pubs house their own sports teams so why not set up your own version of Wimbledon or the Rugby World Cup – any profits raised could be shared with nominated charities. Or why not think outside of the box – many weird and wonderful events take place regularly across the British Isles, including cheese rolling and coal sack carrying – maybe you could host a marbles world cup or egg and spoon Olympics?!

What ever you choose to do, ensure it is a) managed safely b) drinking is controlled and c) your insurers are informed if/when necessary.