CCTV Sees What You Don’t

In a harrowing and candid campaign launched this month, Network Rail have released real CCTV footage of just a few of the 1600 accidents that take place every year in the 17 stations they operate in.

The most accidents are reported to take place in Leeds and the Paddington and Liverpool Street London stations. The clips shows a drunken reveller falling on the tracks alongside a moving train after attempting to enter it before it came to a stop, along with an inebriated man sporting a kilt falling onto the tracks after a failed attempt to assault a pigeon.

These clips illustrate the kind of incidents that can take place when people and alcohol are involved. Having a video record of accidents and events that take place on your property can often be vital in supporting or disproving claims, and can provide you with difficult to dispute evidence when defending an undeserved claim.

We recommend installing CCTV on any establishment and would encourage any business to add to existing cameras in an attempt to achieve paramount CCTV coverage.

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