Christmas clubbing: how to find the best nightclubs to visit after a Christmas party

Maybe your Christmas do consists of a lovely dinner and drinks, followed by a couple of cocktails at a local bar. But a group of mavericks have decided to keep the party going. On a cold, December night how do you choose the best place for Christmas clubbing?

Look up opening times

There are over 8,000 premises with 24-hour alcohol licenses, but many of these include hotel bars and late-night bars as well as actual clubs. It’s likely large cities will have certain areas full of late night bars, such as the Call Lane area of Leeds. This gives you the option to switch things up and try an array of different bars, rather than finishing off the night clubbing in just one spot.

If you’re not planning an all-nighter, you could venture to try something a bit different. Shuffleboard, board games, beer pong, a casino trip or karaoke all make great alternative late-night options.

Decide what vibe you’re going for

There are many different types of nightclubs, catering for different music tastes and atmospheres. If you’re looking for a venue to dance the night away, you’ll need to find a club with a live DJ playing the sort of music you’re into. If a quieter, late-night club serving cocktails is more your sort of thing, there are plenty of places available.

Perhaps there’s only a small group of you who don’t want the night to end. Hotel bars might be notoriously expensive, but they provide a quiet space to chat late into the night.

Don’t slip up on dress code

If you’re wearing a themed Christmas jumper and an elf hat, chances are you’ll be denied entry to a club. Don’t give door staff the chance to turn you away – even if you need to nip back to your hotel room to change before continuing the second stage of your Christmas clubbing.

People spend an average of £85 on their Christmas party outfit, so when you’re planning your winter wardrobe make sure you choose something that’s suitable for the main work event and the after party.

Book ahead

It’s hard to know how everyone will be feeling on the night, but if you’re rocking up to a club with dozens of people in tow, don’t expect to be let in straightaway. If you’ve booked a table in advance you can avoid this problem.

Over half of UK companies host a big Christmas party – and there are many options to choose from. Many businesses are opting for exclusive festive themed nights out or privately hiring venues to host their Christmas bash. Having said that, there are still many offices opting to celebrate with a great night on the town.

For nightclub owners, the increased trade won’t stop at the end of 2019. Many businesses in the hospitality industry host their Christmas party in January when everyone else’s fun is out of the way – so they can expect a busy start to the New Year!

If you’re hosting Christmas parties at your nightclub, get in touch to make sure you’ve got the insurance cover you need.