Do I need an NHS COVID Pass to enter a nightclub?

NHS COVID Pass rules per country in the UK

The rules on COVID passes and whether customers need to obtain one for a night on the town are confusing. This is because they are now drastically different dependent on which country the venue is situated in. New rules have been brought in place recently, and it can be hard for customers and venue to keep track.

It’s NDML’s mission to assist venues, so we’ve put together an article which rounds everything up in one place.

We take a look at:

COVID Pass rules in Scotland?

In Scotland it’s pretty cut and dry. Customers need to show proof they have been fully vaccinated to enter nightclubs, adult entertainment venues and many large events in Scotland.

Proof of being fully vaccinated includes the NHS app and paper letters of certification. See here for more information on Scotland’s vaccination scheme.

Nicola Sturgeon has said Scotland’s vaccine passport scheme may be extended to cover cinemas, theatres and more hospitality venues from December 6th.

COVID Pass rules in Wales?

Cinemas, theatres, nightclubs, late night venues and stadiums all require an NHS COVID Pass. Entry is also available for people who have had a negative lateral flow test in the previous 48 hours. This can be proven via a text or email from the NHS.

From November 29th, booster jabs will also appear on the COVID Pass for travel but evidence of a third dose is not needed to enter venues in Wales.

COVID Pass rules in Northern Ireland?

Northern Ireland has introduced mandatory vaccination passports. The Department of Health recommended the system is introduced on November 29th. Penalties could be issued as soon as December 13th.

COVID passes will be required for access to nightclubs, venues, cinemas, theatres, large indoor events and thousand-strong outdoor gatherings. Northern Ireland have a COVIDCert NI app which can be used for both foreign and domestic use.

COVID Pass rules in England?

England’s plans for vaccine passports were dropped in September. The Plan B does concern their use if cases soar.

For certain events, COVID status identification is required; such as concerts and stadium entry. However the rules are mostly much more relaxed. Regular safe spacing and mask wearing is obligatory and favoured.

Where required, you can prove your COVID status in England through NHS app, a negative PCR, lateral flow test within 48 hours, a positive PCR within six months, or a requested letter from the NHS website.

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