What to do if there’s a COVID-19 outbreak at your venue

What should you do if there’s a COVID-19 outbreak at your venue?

From the 4th July, many businesses within the hospitality and leisure sector have been able to reopen. Of course this is wonderful news for businesses and the industry as a whole. But reopening is not without risk. Even the very best risk management efforts, safety procedures and social distancing measures cannot eliminate all risk entirely.

Identify the outbreak and who else may be potentially contagious, use the plan in your COVID-19 risk assessment and keep this plan up to date, contact Public Health England and follow their advice, assist in the NHS Test and Trace service and continually monitor the situation.

We understand every situation will be unique, but do follow this guidance. Contact Public Health England if there’s more than one case of COVID-19 associated with your venue. Together, we can all help to prevent the spread of coronavirus and keep your employees and customers safe.

Click on the below image to download our advice information document, detailing what to do if there’s a COVID-19 outbreak at your venue.