Employer Liability – Restaurant Health & Safety

The hospitality industry is the fifth largest employer in the UK – the majority of jobs held within this sector are in restaurants.

As large and as established as this market is, running a dining establishment is not easy. The ability to provide employees with a safe environment in which to work is critical to the restaurateur’s financial well-being and reputation.

To help their success, restaurateurs must identify and manage the risk of doing business. Strains and sprains (from lifting, slips and trips) fractures, burns and lacerations (from knives and broken glassware) are the foremost injuries amongst restaurant employees. Food contamination, slips, trips and falls also present the potential for harm to patrons, resulting in loss of profit and reputation.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) requires all employers to conduct risk assessments to help identify hazards and establish controls, including staff training. An effective safety programme is advised and should include, but is not limited to:

  • Employee involvement and participation in safety decisions, hazard analysis and accident investigations
  • New employee induction safety training and refresher training for full/part-time and temporary employees
  • Employee training on the hazards and safe work practices specific to their jobs
  • Regular monthly health and safety meetings
  • Safe work agreements with contractors for on-site contracted services
  • Hazard awareness training. Safety data sheets should be readily accessible

In a society heavily influenced by the ‘no win, no fee’ culture and in recognition of the above, NDML introduced our Risk Management and HR plus packages over three years ago to help restaurateurs defend spurious claims. Our intent – to provide clients with the support, advice and necessary information they might need to independently facilitate health & safety management and employment procedures required to legally operate their venue.

Our risk management service includes:

  • Health & Safety Audit
  • Risk Assessments
  • Manual Handling Assessments
  • COSHH Assessments
  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • Fire Safety

Every year, hundreds of major accidents are reported within the restaurant industry – do not become a victim of an unnecessary insurance claim.

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