Benefits of temporarily converting your nightclub and bar venue for the Euros

How bars and nightclubs can take advantage of Euro 2024?

The Euros are having a huge effect on bar sales and nightclubs sales. Bar operators that are showing the football and marketing the Euros see on average a 14% increase in sales. And the deeper England go into the tournament, the more likely sales are to peak.

On the other side of the coin, with games televised between 8-10pm, bars and pubs not showing the games are losing their regular custom. Football fans and patriots are likely to arrive early and stay far beyond the time of the game, and with the increased dwell time comes increased drink sales. Converting your nightclub or bar to showing the Euro 2024 games will no doubt invite more interest in your venue.

UEFA have noted that bars hotels and restaurants will ‘not require a public screening licence from UEFA, provided that the screenings are not sponsored and no entry fee is charged to attend the screening of the matches.’ So all nightclubs and bars should consider taking advantage of Euros fever, and perhaps adapt their venue accordingly.

Here are the main reasons why someone would watch Euro 2024 at a bar over at home:

That fantastic sporting atmosphere

The best part about watching at a bar or big venue is the community, the elation when there’s a last-minute winner, and the overall feeling of being part of something larger. The football fan community is formidable, and can be weaponised to accelerate a bar’s income.

HD Quality

Sports bars typically have the best televisions and surround sound speaker systems, offering that crisp quality and all-consuming football haven.

Good food

Food cooked and served to you that’s guaranteed excellence. Special menus offering something different and unique. Packages and pre-booking make the process simple and easy.

How can you convert your venue to take advantage of the Euros?

Get a TV license

All the Euro 2024 football games are going to be shown on BBC and ITV. Venues will require a TV license to stream the games, as well as a music license for the before and after parties.

More televisions

Everyone at your venue buying drinks and food deserve a prime view of the game. Ensure you have all the angles covered by setting up more television screens. Ensure these are securely fastened and also are included in the relevant risk assessments.

Set up a main viewing area

Projector screens and extra large televisions should be considered to provide the ultimate platform to view the game. (Just watch out for those flying pints of beer.)

Better speaker system

Feel every moment of the game with surround sound. Provide that atmospheric experience with a great sound system. Many nightclubs and bars already have music systems set up; hence a football broadcast is a natural fit.

Plastic beer glasses

Stock up on plastic beer glasses, this will prevent breakages and simplify the cleaning process for your bar staff. Plastic beer glasses are also better for health and safety purposes, and can be recycled responsibly.

Competitive socialising and Arcade games

Improve dwell time beyond the end of the televised Euro 2024 game by installing arcades and games, such as air hockey, table football, beer pong or shuffleboard.

After party marketing

Organise an afterparty to bank on the celebrations of a big win. As a nightclub or bar, your football fans won’t need to find an alternate venue to celebrate. Market your event as a dual watch party and club event. Get the playlist sorted and kickstart the party right after the final whistle blows.

When are the Euro 2024 finals, semi finals and quarter finals?

The Euros 2024 final takes place on Sunday 14th July at 9pm GMT

The Euros 2024 semi-finals take place on Tuesday 9th July at 9pm, and Wednesday 10th July at 9pm GMT.

The Euros 2024 quarter-finals 1 and 2 take place on Friday 5th July at 6pm and 9pm GMT. And quarter finals 3 and 4 take place on Saturday 6th July at 6pm and 9pm GMT.