How can Hospitality manage the Risk of Coronation Terrorism

Coronation Events are at an increased risk of Terrorism

On the conclusion of President Joe Biden’s Ireland tour, he addressed the country with a passionate speech about unity and liberty. Biden’s visit coincides with the 25th Anniversary of the signing of the Good Friday agreement, an agreement which ended 30 years of strife and Northern Irish conflict.

While the President celebrated his heritage, the political and terror situation started to boil over. A bomb plot was uncovered by Police, with the aim causing terror and overshadowing the news of the presidential visit. The New IRA took responsibility, as it did for the attempted murder of an off-duty police officer in February.

The terrorism threat level in Northern Ireland increased from substantial to sever, meaning the risk of attack is now highly likely. In the rest of the UK the threat is substantial, and leading up to the Coronation we expect this to only rise. The lavish royal pageantry of the Coronation is an opportunity for extremist groups to make headlines, with Coronation specific events predicted to be the intended target.

The New IRA increases terror risk for businesses

In 1974, a wave of IRA bombs hit British pubs across the mainland, killing 28 people and wounding 50. In 1983, an IRA bomb at Harrods department store killed six people. In 1984, an IRA bomb intended for Margaret Thatcher killed five people at a Brighton hotel. This was 40 years ago, however with a new group, the New IRA, openly declaring the same intentions as their predecessors, the risk to hospitality business and the general public is visible.

This revival comes at a time when the greatest and largest national celebration in living memory is on the horizon. The King’s Coronation will no doubt demand a huge security operation; a significantly increased police presence has been announced over the weekend of May 6th. And yet if we are to take Biden’s presidential tour as an example, it’s the hospitality events away from the main attraction at the greatest risk.

Other factors affecting the country’s security threat, according to MI5, include the UK’s involvement against ISIS, the Ukraine war, Irish Republican dissidents and domestic terrorism. However, as reported, the most significant terror threat comes from domestic groups like Climate Control, Extinction Rebellion, Just Stop Oil and the Not My King movement. These groups will want to use the media attention around the royal event to amplify their message, as they did so with the Crucible’s World Snooker Championship.

How Pubs, Bars and Nightclubs can protect against Coronation Terrorism

  • Discuss current known procedures with neighbouring businesses
  • Create and action plan, working together with the council and businesses
  • Install practical protective measures
  • Update CCTV and surveillance
  • Increase security personnel
  • First Aid kits, defibrillators, and fire protection equipment

Terrorism is an evolving threat. This means risks are dynamic and unpredictable. Some past examples are gun attacks, bombs, bomb threats, knife crime, vehicle rampage as well as chemical and biological attacks. Cyber terrorism and drones are also a possible source. Each can cause significant harm and disruption.

Each business needs to have its own action plan of what to do in the event of a terror attack. This can be coordinated with neighbouring businesses and the council. Install legal bollards and spikes at your premises if you believe this could prevent an attack. CCTV is essential and can help proactively and reactively counter attacks.

Increasing security over the weekend of the Coronation – 5th to 8th May – is advised. As is having necessary medical equipment ready in case it’s required.

The effect of coronation terrorism on bar, pubs and nightclubs

Hosting a coronation event will big a great source of revenue for your business, however marketing the event also puts you in the firing line of those who want to make negative headlines. A direct attack or terror event on your venue will cause obvious business disruption, reputational harm and distress. Yet, your hospitality venue doesn’t necessarily have to be the target of an attack to suffer the consequences of terrorism. Incidents are no longer contained to major cities, and threats have appeared across the country to even small towns.

If streets are closed, or the public are advised to avoid affected locations, that could mean your staff, suppliers or customers can’t get to you. And if they can’t get to you, that means you’re not trading. Terror may also put people off gathering for future events, a key example being the Borough Market attacks of 2017. With the investigations shutting down the area, physically intact organisations couldn’t trade.

Businesses should procure terror insurance to ensure they don’t incur costs.

Why do businesses need terror insurance?

Terrorism insurance goes that extra step, providing protection at all time including during the coronation. It is an extension to your existing policy which covers your business should the worse happen.

Terror insurance policies for hospitality businesses includes:

  • Suppliers & Customers – If there is damage to your suppliers or customers premises, you’ll be protected against any interruption this causes to your business.
  • Public Utilities – This will protect you against any interruption caused as a result of damage to a gas, water, electricity or telecoms provider.
  • Denial of Access – When there has been damage in the vicinity of your premises that prevents access, this will protect the interruption, usually within a 1 mile radius.
  • Specified or notifiable diseases – If the area around your business is affected by certain diseases, you’ll be protected (such as a terrorist deploying a disease or pathogen).
  • Loss of attraction – Designed to protect your against interruption due to reduced footfall, attractiveness or custom due to damage within the vicinity of your business.

To receive a quote or advice on better protection against terrorism, talk to NDML. In this high-risk time leading up to the coronation, we will be able to review your current cover, explain how enhancements could benefit you, and also explain how we may be able to provide you a better policy for a similar premium.

With NDML you receive an array of perks; an inhouse claims team, a dedicated account handler, risk management services and a great support system. Make sure you are protected against coronation terrorism by talking to our team.