Later pub opening hours will not negatively impact night clubs

After the announcement that Aberdeen pubs may be allowed to stay open until 3am, a debate has arisen which has the potential to split the night time leisure industry down the middle.

While this appears to be great news for pubs, there is an argument that it could be bad for clubs. The lines are becoming blurred. Traditionally people had drunk at the pub until closing time, before moving on to the club. Now, with pubs staying open longer, some clubs are worried that the customer will simply stay put.

But an extension of opening hours for any kind of venue must be seen as a great move for the entire industry. The more emphasis put into improving nightlife for the customer, the better.

We believe that customers are changing, and the linear path from meal, to pub to club no longer exists. People don’t visit a certain type of venue because of the time of the day; they go because it delivers the experience they’re looking for.

If they’re choosing a pub over a club, it’s probably not because the hours have been extended, it’s because they’re looking for a more chilled and laid back atmosphere.

Venues, in general, should celebrate the proposed license extension as a way of drawing more people out of their homes for night time leisure.

The key to thriving under any rule or regulation change is to create an atmosphere that’s unique enough to draw the customers in.

NDML are in full support of the NTIA’s campaign to #SaveNightLife. We know that can only happen when the industry sticks together.