Why we’re talking about mental health

Throughout February we’ll be highlighting the importance of mental health and wellbeing in the night-time industry.

Working in the sector can be stressful. Irregular hours, night shifts, low pay and difficult customers can all contribute to psychological and physical issues.  These include disturbed sleeping patterns, health-related problems, fatigue, poor nutrition and increased levels of anxiety and depression.

But these problems can be overcome if they are managed effectively. Enter expert advice from our very own resident wellbeing expert, Andy. He’ll be sharing his advice on how night workers can improve their wellbeing, from mindfulness tips through to nutritional advice. 

Be part of our campaign

Over the course of this month we’ll be looking at why the night-time industry can exacerbate stress and ill mental health, and how industry professionals including managers and owners can look after their employees.

Look out for our wellbeing pack, which will offer managers advice on creating an effective and affordable wellbeing strategy. There are many simple steps most venues can take to improve staff wellbeing. This will ultimately help your business, as it’s proven that good staff wellbeing has a positive impact on revenue, customer satisfaction and staff retention. And it goes without saying that your staff will be happier. Stats show nearly a fifth of UK adults are unhappy in their job, and we want to help equip night-time industry professionals to improve happiness in their workplace. We know that happy workers are 13% more productive so it makes sense for this to be a priority for businesses.

From an industry-wide perspective it is incredibly important to promote better wellbeing throughout the sector. Currently people are reluctant to consider a long-term career in hospitality and the night-time sector due to a lack of job security, progression and overall job satisfaction. Encouraging businesses to look after their staff and offer comprehensive training and development opportunities will help to nurture a fresh generation of night-time advocates. And our industry needs that now more than ever.

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