NDML – Customer Service Provider of the Year

NDML has been shortlisted as finalists in the UK Broker Awards in the Customer Service Provider of the Year category.

Justin Romero-Trigo, Managing Director said:

NDML have been shortlisted to the final three and will know the results after a special ceremony in London at the end of September.

Training, training, training – you might think we keep saying the same thing, that’s because we do. Despite it being one of the things which suffer most when times are hard, lack of training is still one of the main reasons why accidents happen and why businesses get prosecuted or have to pay out hefty compensation claims.

All employers must, by law, make sure employees are provided with enough information and training such that they are able to carry out their duties competently and with minimum risk of causing harm to themselves or others. So what choices can you make?

Choice of Courses
Inductions – How effective is your induction?
Formal certificated courses – Have you identified those members of staff who require this?
Job specific training. Do you have, or do you need specific job instructions or equipment operating procedures which set down how a task is to be performed, and importantly, how it will be done safely?
Identifying Health & Safety Training Needs
Your risk assessments should have identified specific health or safety training needs.
Training Records
Once training is complete there are two other important aspects. First make sure good training records are maintained. These records will be your evidence of what has been done should you be subject to investigation. Second, keep them up to date. Training is not a one off exercise but needs to be updated and refreshed regularly.

We can help you with all of the above, please contact us for more information.