A History of NDML

NDML is one of the leading specialist insurance brokers for the night time leisure industry. We’re also one of the longest standing.

In our 20 year history, we’ve developed new partnerships, rebranded, moved premises, taken on lots of new clients and helped save the world.

So maybe that last bit is a tad exaggerated, but we’ve certainly done a lot to help night time leisure venues survive and thrive.

If there’s one major thing we’ve learnt in the last two decades it’s that the most important commodity between a broker and their client is trust. Without it, a partnership will fail.

And we know that it’s difficult to trust a company that you don’t know anything about. So for this article, we’re going to take you on a whirlwind trip through the history of NDML.

Hopefully this will give you an insight into the way we work, our goals, our visions and the essence of our business.

This will be a race through time with not long at each pit stop. Please keep your arms and legs inside the blog at all times.

1998 – Nightclub Direct & Millennium Leisure Ltd is born

Yes, NDML was created in a different millennium! Over 20 years ago, our founder, Justin Romero-Trigo created Nightclub Direct & Millennium Leisure Ltd from an office above a bookmakers in Horsforth, Leeds. Passionate about the night time leisure industry, he noticed that there were no specialist brokers in the market. He knew that nightclubs, bars, restaurants, music venues and hotels all needed the cover that only a specialist could provide.

Justin commissioned a hand-drawn logo and set to work.

1999 – Nightclub Direct & Millennium Leisure take on their first staff member

It hasn’t taken Nightclub Direct & Millennium Leisure long to start growing. Venues are realising that we can offer something that non-specialists can’t.

The business starts to hire staff, including some who are still with us to this day!

2002 – Nightclub Direct & Millennium Leisure move into their first ‘proper’ office building

Unfortunately, when you grow at the rate Nightclub Direct & Millennium Leisure did in our first few years, you soon outgrow your premises. We knew the office above the bookmakers wasn’t going to contain us forever, and in 2002, we moved down the road in Horsforth to a much bigger office building.

2003- We become NDML and partner with NOCTIS

Nightclub Direct & Millennium Leisure is becoming a bit of a mouthful (even when we’re writing this blog) so we shorten it to simply ‘NDML’. In the same year, we sign our first partnership agreement with an industry campaign group: BEDA (The Bar Entertainment & Dance Association). BEDA would later rebrand themselves as NOCTIS (Latin for night) before reverting to their previous moniker.

This is the first of many campaign group and industry body partnerships for NDML, as we continue our promise of understanding every nook and cranny of the night time leisure industry.

BEDA were the largest nightclub association and gave us a great ‘place at the table’ to listen to the concerns of nightclub owners.

2012 – A rebrand

As we build to becoming one of the leading specialist brokers for the industry, it’s decided that a hand-drawn logo just won’t cut it anymore. We create a new logo and modernise the brand.

2013 – The birth of Club Insure

Those of you who have an interest in the sports and social club industry will have come across our sister business, Club Insure, the leading specialist insurance broker for sports and social clubs. Born from NDML, Club Insure will go onto grow much in the same way as NDML; by treating customers exceptionally and showing true passion for their industry.

2017 – NDML partner with the NTIA

In 2017, NDML partner with the NTIA (Night Time Industries Association) who are one of the industry’s biggest lobby groups. This partnership will turn out to be key, as NDML join the NTIA in the struggle for a fairer system for venue owners and workers.

2018 – The 20th Anniversary

NDML celebrate 20 years of treating customers exceptionally. We celebrate with a party and a promise that the next 20 years will be more of the same.

2019 – ?

And that brings us to the present day-2019. We’re really looking forward to making more history with our brilliant clients and helping to make this industry stronger and more secure.

If you’d like to know any more about our journey and the work we’ve done with venues over the past 20 years, get in touch today!


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