Is the staff shortage affecting you?

National Nightlife Staff and Security Storage

As predicted, nightclubs and nightlife venues are experiencing the start of an industry-wide staff shortage. Recent redundancies paired with increased illness, and then alongside venue closures causing increased demand, staff shortages is quickly becoming a national crisis.

Reported today, nightclubs are calling for Government intervention to a worsening shortage of bouncers. Nightclub managers are saying this is becoming a “threat to public safety” as staffing levels are under 70% of what they should be. Brexit, and a lack of EU workers has also been blamed as a contributing factor.

Michael Kill, NTIA CEO, has said in a public statement that the current situation is putting club-goers in jeopardy: “Decline in security resources can be tracked back at least 3 years, but this has been hugely exacerbated by the pandemic.”

“There are steps the Government can take to ease the problem, whether that be funding training initiatives, streamlining new training requirements, or tackling shortages through legislation – and I would also like to see them revisit the issue of temporary visas to assuage the crisis. Government must come to the table and look at these solutions we are putting forward as sector.”

The government has said it’s helping people “retrain, build new skills and get back into work to help fill vacancies.”

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Reaction to the National Nightlife Staff Shortage

Ultimately, if venues don’t have the staff, venues won’t be able to open. Due to the licence given to venues on how many staff they need to open safely, if they can’t reach the required total they need to shut.

To understand the growing risks facing nightclub venues, owners should read our risk management information and get in touch with their broker to discuss their situation.