NIGHTLIFE UNSCRIPTED, with Andrew Fleming-Brown

NDML And Andrew Fleming-Brown At The Nighttime Economy Summit 2024

The NDML team attended the NTE Summit Trade Show in Greater Manchester. Set in the Warehouse Project’s Freight Island; the event saw nightlife leaders come together for a series of talks.

NDML exhibited at the event, and we also managed to talk to influential speakers and business owners. Andrew Fleming-Brown, Director of Glasgow’s SWG3, also known as Mutley, found us at the event and took some time to speak on what he’s come to learn. We wanted to gauge his unfiltered thoughts on the visitor economy sector as part of our Nightlife Unscripted Series.

Watch the video here:

NDML Talks To Mutley from SWG3

“My name’s Mutley, or Andrew, I’m coming from SWG3 in Glasgow.”

What was the last Nightlife venue that you visited and how was your experience?

“The Barrowlands in Glasgow was the last venue I was at that wasn’t my own and Barrowlands a great venue, it’s a rowdy crowd, it always is in Glasgow and they haven’t touched it in about 40 years so it’s still the same kind of basic venue as an old kind of relic in the corner. But you always get a good atmosphere in there.”

Have you come to the NTE Summit today talk about anything or learn about something?

“Yeah, just to listen and meet new people. We’re having a real challenge with my venue recently as we’ve had fatality linked to drugs. There’s a lot of movement in Scotland towards a kind of more progressive approach. England is further ahead than us so really here to listen a lot about that and the future of nightlife. We’re a venue but we’re also a cultural destination – And learn what the next 10 years look like for us?”

If you were made Prime Minister is there something that you would change about the nightlife industry?

Longer licensing hours, more of what you see in Europe would be a much more progressive view and it would take the pressure off because a lot of the problems come about that 3 – 4 hours of intense kind of time where people do overdo it and do consume at a rate that they shouldn’t whether that’s drugs or alcohol or whatever so yeah that 24 hour licensing needs to be looked at.

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