Nightlife Unscripted, with Chris Wilkie, from Stampede

NDML Meets Chris Wilkie From Stampede At NRB 2024

Chris Wilkie, Head of Marketing at Stampede, was exhibiting at the NRB (Northern Restaurant and Bar) event for 2024. He agreed to introduce Stampede to NDML, and we questioned him on the benefits of the business to hospitality venues. Chris also discusses what he hopes to learn at the NRB event, and also offer his thoughts on the recent budget announcement.

Chris discusses what Stampede hope to learn at NRB 2024:

“We are hoping to meet a lot of hospitality operators today. We are hoping to learn what the market’s like in terms of digitisation. There’s a lot of pressure in terms of sustainability, but also with AI and digitisation we are hoping to see what the appetite for that is.”

Chris mentions the unique benefits of Stampede to the wider nightlife sector:

“We focus on vertical integration, that means many tools in one platform; it’s a cost saving exercise for many businesses. The goal should be for us to come in, help them save money by moving everything into one system – it’s safer for your data, better for your pocket, and makes your operation so much slicker.

We asked Chris, if he was made prime minister, what would he change and why?:

“First off I’d give Jeremy Hunt a good kicking for his recent budget and tell him to sort VAT out because that was a disaster.”

“I’d focus on how we can make sure that the nightlife clubs and bars get the support they need to stay open. And that we deliver in a way so forthcoming generations can experience nightlife in the same way the older generations have.”