NDML And James Hudson At The BARBI Trade Show

The NDML team attended the BARBI Trade Show in Bristol. It was a fantastic event, featuring top distributors, independent businesses and key speakers.  

We talked to James Hudson, Manager of Bristol Dry Gin Distillery, who was speaking at the event about sustainable action for nightlife businesses. We wanted to gauge his unfiltered thoughts on the sector as part of our new Nightlife Unscripted Series.

Watch the video here:

NDML Talks To James Hudson

“My name is James Hudson, I’m the Distillery Manager at Bristol Dry Gin Distillery. I’ve come today to be part of the BARBI event in talking on the panel about sustainability.”

When asked about their most recent experience of nightlife, they said:

“The last nightlife venue I visited was The Rummer hotel, which is actually where our distillery is based – honest answer. [I] Had a great experience – again it’s where I work. One the fun things they do there is gin and tonic on tap, which is actually something that we are looking to pioneer and move forward as well.”

When asked what they believe the tends in 2024 for nightlife will be, they said:

“Pushing on sustainability, being more of sustainable as a brand, as a venue. These things shouldn’t be trends they should be put into practice always and be part of your brand. Pillars, I guess, you stand for.”

When asked what they would do if they were made Prime Minister for a day, they said:

“I would change and enforce sustainability, not making it a questionable thing people should do. It should be a thing people should do. Whether its putting beehives on rooves which is what I’m looking to do this year. Just trying to think a bit more about what you do and what effect it has.”

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