Norwich Council release shocking nightlife CCTV footage

Norwich city council have released some graphic footage of violent clashes in the city centre area which took place early in the morning in an attempt to support police plans to introduce an alcohol curfew in Norwich city centre.

The Prince of Wales street in Norwich is home to a massive 60% of the city’s total violent crime, a statistic that has prompted these measure to be considered. The footage has been released as the suspects caught on camera have been through trial, with these images perfectly illustrating the violent and antisocial behavior that have been come commonplace in certain Norwich nightspots.

New Limits

The proposed plans would mean no alcohol can be sold past 3 am, three hours earlier than the previous time of 6 am. The change reflects the stark 210% increase in violent crime in Norwich between 03:00 and 06:00 since 2005, the year club regulation was originally relaxed.

Det Supt Paul Sandford said early-morning drinking was causing “significant problems,” but some local establishment owners have criticised the plans, claiming new regulation could cause more problems and affect local businesses.


The footage from an insurance standpoint shows the importance of having comprehensive video surveillance in and around your property. If a violent altercation was to take place it could be vital from a legal perspective to have access to footage of what took place. Some insurance policies could be dependent on your level of CCTV coverage. To contact us on insurance for your nightlife destination email or telephone 0113 205 4319.

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