Preventing Trips and Slips in Nightclubs

Trips and slips can easily result in sprains, cuts and broken bones, especially in nightclubs and bars it’s easy to see how hazards can arise. Spilled drinks, rain from outside and crowded and busy dancefloors can create a minefield of potential slipping hazards.

There are measures however that you can take as club owner to minimise these risks and create a safer environment for your employees and customers.


Cleaning up after spillages in good time is obviously important as spilt drinks are one of the main causes of trips in nightclubs. It is typically dark in nightlife destinations, so be sure to put up a clear sign for signal that cleaning is taking place so your customers know to avoid walking on the wet area. Even after a spillage has been dealt it, try dry mopping the area afterwards to reduce residual moisture. Also another practical piece of advice is to organise your daily cleaning so that all areas of the establishment are completely dry by the time your staff arrive the next day.


Wet or winter weather can also cause problems inside a nightclub as patrons walk in snow on their shoes or umbrellas, spreading liquids around the entrance and exit to the smoking area especially. Ice is of course a huge problem and root of many accidents in the winter months, but there are things you can do to minimise risk. The council will grit certain areas but it is incredibly likely that key locations will be left un touched, to combat this do you own gritting, especially in outdoor stairways and on entrance steps. Try covering pathways if you know snow is forecast overnight, making it much easier to remove any snow obstructing the route to your club or bar. If certain areas of your property are uneven or would be a particular risk in bad weather, put up cones or tape and instruct visitors to other, safer, walkways.


Dancefloors are the focal point of any club, but as you are likely to know often need a lot of attention and monitoring throughout the night. The high concentration of people in one area can be dangerous in many ways, aside from the the obvious fire code regulations, tripping and injuries can be a considerable concern. Make sure that door staff are kept aware of how busy the inside of the club is and adjust how many people are let in accordingly. It’s a prudent idea to get the Slip Resistance Rating from your dancefloor surface manufacturer, as this may be an important piece of knowledge if a claim is raised. It’s also a sensible idea to ban drinks on the dancefloor and ensure that staff, especially door staff, are vigilant against anyone flouting this rule. Broken glass and slippery liquids on a surface with a high concentration of moving bodies is a recipe for injured customers or staff.

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