How do I keep costs down for my Nightclub?

Manage Your Risk Management

“Why do I need a risk management services?”

Because risks are increasing.

As finally nightclubs across the full breadth of the UK see restrictions relaxed, dancing and standing events are becoming more popular than ever. Now is the time for nightclubs and bars to make sure they have the correct risk assessment in place at all times, this will help to ensure they do not incur undue costs.

Expected is an increase in the amount of people visiting venues. Some have taken the winter season as an opportunity to enhance, refresh and refurbish their spaces. Many new nightclub owners have emerged and many bars are moving to diversify and upgrade their offering.

And with change comes risk. Increased capacity means an increased risk of slips, trips and falls. Claims from an injured third party could result in expensive fees, legal costs and compensation. We don’t like to say it, but the detrimental effect of a club not keeping on top of their responsibilities could inevitably spell the end.

Therefore, it’s imperative nightlife businesses go through the proper risk procedure – and do so following the expert guidance of a broker. You must notify NDML of any changes or additions to your venue in order to ensure you remain fully covered.

Notify your broker

“Do I need to inform my broker of changes/additions to my venue?”

The Answer: Yes.

At NDML we will ask you questions about changes to your venue. The most common changes which could impact your cover include:

  • Additional removable/movable equipment
  • Additional removable/movable furniture
  • Lighting and electrical changes
  • Additional spaces, indoor and outdoor
  • Additional facilities
  • Any other amenities which may have been added since last inspection

At NDML we have seen an influx of nightclubs and bars looking to increase their cover for indoor and outdoor spaces. It’s these recent expansions which are statistically most at risk of a potential claim. Inspect your full venue and report changes additions or points of interest to your broker, we will check you’re are fully covered and will update your policy if needed.

Control your Risks

“How do I keep costs down for my nightclub?”

Control Risks, Get a Broker.

Communicating with your account handler is the best way to learn how to effectively control your risks. Additions are not automatically covered – therefore you could, at this very moment, be in violation of your policy.

The best possible solution is to have a representative from NDML visit your venue. We will conduct a risk management survey to determine the extent of your possible cover increase. We will also provide on-site advice as to what changes can be made to minimise and control your risk.

At NDML we have available a list of resources, including health and safety guidance, employment law protocols and HR information. We will help you create a staff handbook as well as organising health and safety audits.

The NDML Risk Management Service includes:

  • 24/7 access to an exclusive support website, including downloadable documents, certificates and checklists
  • Unlimited telephone support
  • Access to a personal online library
  • Monthly newsletters providing advice in commercial law, taxation, PAYE and current legislation

Minimising your risk is the primary way to cut costs and escape devastating claims scenarios. Check out our free Risk assessment checklist to see how you can best keep risks at bay today.