See you at the Night Time Economy Summit in Manchester

When is the Night Time Economy Summit 2024?

The Night Time Economy Summit 2024 is a showcase of the world’s leading nightlife experts. The event will feature distributors and associations across the full scope of the night time economy. Leadership and driveable action will be on full display over the two days, on multiple stages.

The NTIA event promises to be an immersive experience. Leaders from major cities, governance bodies, central government, and global night time economy experts will converge, each with their own viewpoint and agenda. This mix of people and organisation underscores the commitment shared by all who attend for the fostering and safeguarding of the nightlife experience.

 Where is the NTIA Summit 2024 being held?

The Night Time Economy Summit will be held at Escape to Freight Island, adjacent to Warehouse Project, in the city of Manchester. Warehouse Project is Europe’s largest nightclub, so it’s only fitting that this iconic event be held in it’s backyard.

The venue is multifaceted and multidimensional, merging the modern nightlife experience with old school industrial architecture – a perfect home an event which see people from all disciplines mix and mash.

What will be discussed at the NTIA Summit 2024:

All topics involving the nightlife economy will be address in some way at the event. This includes the welfare of operators and how government policy needs to be changed or adopted to protect the future of hospitality.

Topics definitely on the agenda include:

  • Brexit
  • Diversity
  • Harm Reduction
  • Drug Testing
  • Electronic Music
  • Safeguarding
  • Women’s Safety
  • Health,
  • Wellbeing
  • Access to Funding
  • Grass Roots Music
  • Licensing & Planning
  • Supply Chain Energy
  • Cost of Living Crisis
  • Technology
  • Mental Health
  • Live Music
  • Grass Roots Music
  • Events

Yet, we expect many more topic and concerns to be raised over the two days. There will be Q&A sessions where guests will have the opportunity to question nightlife leaders on their action and opinions.

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Victoria Romero-Trigo, Director of Romero Insurance Brokers and NDML, said:

“We’ve been looking forward to the NTIA’s Summit in Manchester. As the top nightlife broker for businesses, these summits are a great opportunity for us to reconnect with clients and reaffirm our mission to protect the UK’s hospitality industry. We will be exhibiting, recognising the great work nighttime associations are doing as well as the importance of the whole nighttime industry to our economy.”

Michael Kill, the dynamic CEO of the Night Time Industries Association, said: “The Night Time Economy Summit 2024 is the crescendo of global collaboration, uniting minds from every corner of the night time universe. Manchester is about to become the epicentre of a revolutionary exchange of ideas that will shape the future of our industry.”

Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester: said:

“We are delighted that the NTIA’s Night-Time Economy Summit will be coming to Greater Manchester in February 2024. We look forward to building on the success of this year’s event in London, and recognising the hard work and amazing representation that the trade association delivered throughout the pandemic for the hospitality and night time economy sector across the UK.”

Sacha Lord Night Time Economy Adviser, Co-founder The Warehouse Project, said:

“Throughout the Covid period, the NTIA became the biggest voice for nightlife across the UK, so much so, it was an honour when I was invited to become Chair. I’m delighted they have decided to uproot and choose Greater Manchester for the next Summit, in 2024. It will be the biggest to date, in a city region where it has been said, tables were made for dancing on.”

Sacha Lord talks to NDML – #WeAreNightlife

While within The Warehouse Project venue, Ndml and Sacha Lord discusses the industry’s post-COVID revival, government support, ticketed events as well as valuable advice for new nightlife operators.

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