The Benefits of the Electronic Music Industry to the UK

The First UK Electronic Music Industry Report

The Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) has released a new survey that reveals electronic music to be the most popular subgenre.

The NTIA commissioned this study to, for the first time, fully comprehend the economic impact and cultural relevance of the UK’s electronic music sector.

It demonstrates that over 2.4 million people also attended 145 electronic music events in the UK during the course of the previous 12 months, with 67% of these being mainly electronic festivals.

The economic impact of events featuring electronic music was estimated to be worth £519.3 million.

Michael Kill, NTIA CEO, said electronic music is one of the UK’s understated phenomena

“It shapes and embraces communities, educates, inspires and unites the UK with its unique form of culture.”

“The foundation of this work was born from the realisation during the pandemic that the Government has a limited understanding of the industry, but also considers the responsibility of the sector to educate decision makers.”

“This was highlighted when the Government’s financial support in the UK excluded electronic music in its scope, as part of the wider Cultural Recovery Fund through the Arts Council. Through the efforts of millions of electronic music supporters, we convinced the Government to recognise the importance of counter culture and include the sector in its support.”

At NDML we share hope with the NTIA that the Government – as Mike Kill puts it – “will have a greater understanding of the sector, and support it in a way that cements its future in British culture.”

This report is one step toward acknowledging the importance of the electronic music industry, and voicing it’s desperate need for further support.

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