Top Tips For Displaying Your Premises Licence

Not properly displaying your premises licence can land you into hot water with the police or licence authority and a hefty fine. Authorities may request to see your premises licence at any time according to the Licensing Act 2003, so it is best to know exactly what is required so you stay on the right side of licensing authority, which your business depends on.

The best way to avoid any complications or unnecessary hassle from your local licensing authority or the police, which can mean a heavy fine for the offending establishment owner.

The Holder

The holder of a premises licence must ensure that the complete licence or a certified copy of it must be kept on the premises at all times. This licence must be in the custody of the holder of the licence, or another person who is employed at the premises, and has a written nomination to support them as licence holder on the named persons behalf.

If you are the premises licence holder, give careful consideration to the person you nominate to hold the licence on your behalf. This person should be trustworthy and reliable, as if they fail to assist you in following the necessary rules, you will take the brunt of the fines and penalties.

The holder of the premises licence must secure that the following is available:

  • The summary of the licence or a certified copy of that summary
  • A notice specifying the position held at the premises by any person nominated, are prominently displayed at the premises.

Therefore, if the original licence is not kept at your premises, ensure you a have a certified copy of the complete licence on site, as well as the summary. It’s desirable that the summary and notice are displayed in the same place, there is no requirement however to do this.

Review Your Personal Licence

Review your nomination notice on a regular basis to ensure that the identity of the person named in the notice is correct. Its also advisable to ensure that you and your staff know where your original premises licence is located in case of inspection.

A premises licence is a vital document to any bar, nightclub or late night establishment, and non-compliance with the requirements is an easy way to get caught out.

Penalties and Fines

Failure to produce the licence or certified copy is a summary offence punishable by a fine of up to £500. Failure to comply with the requirement of displaying the summary or keep the licence at the premises is a summary offence punishable by a fine not exceeding £500.

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