Training: The importance of an induction

The importance of an induction

Within the working environment it is vital that everyone within a company knows how to work safely without risks to their health. An employer must provide information and instructions that are clear to follow along with any additional training required.

A staff induction is used to provide new staff with the required organisational information for them to understand specific policies within the company and to work safely.

New starters will need to have induction training which includes the following, as a minimum

  • Company policies ( Equality, Diversity, Environmental etc)
  • Company rules and procedures
  • How to work safely
  • Who are the first aiders
  • What are the fire and evacuation procedures

There are many benefits of a successful induction process, which include for the business,

  • Retention of new starters
  • Creating a positive perception of the workplace
  • A motivated workforce
  • Ensure operational efficiency is achieved

As well as many benefits for the new starter

  • They will feel welcomed to the company
  • Easier to integrate into the company
  • Build their sense of motivation
  • Establish good communication with their supervisor

An induction must be carried out very shortly after the new staff joins the company, there is very little value to holding an induction after they have already been in the company for a period of time