#WeAreNightlife – Piano Works, with Tristan Moffat

#WeAreNightlife is a campaign to celebrate the night-time leisure and hospitality industry.

In our bid to highlight the venues which have made an impact in the nightlife sector we spoke to Tristan Moffat, Operations Director of The Piano Works Group. Speaking in his Farringdon venue, Tristan discussed his love of nightlife and the idea behind his unique non-stop late night music venue. From brunch to late night clubbing, Tristan believes in growing organically by giving people what they want.

Piano Works delivers a highly sought after bespoke experience, able to service up to 1200 customers a night. Up to 11% of the revenue is taken up by live entertainment and world-class musicians, proving Piano Works can match up to customer expectation. But with no outdoor space, Piano Works is one of many clubs which was greatly affected by the lockdown.

Looking forward to reopening, Piano Works has had to adapt and evolve. Adhering to government restrictions, adding air handling units, and having to reinforce rules on staying seated – a struggle for a stand-up live music venue – and Piano Works will be showing the Euro 2020 games. Tristan mentions London’s unprecedented talent pool and how going above and beyond in all regards is the new expectation for hospitality.

Tristan also discusses landlords and the council, how they need to work with rather than against venue owners and managers. Landlords and councils will have undoubtedly also been affected over lockdown, but Tristan says the pain needs to be shared across the whole of the nightlife machine in order to move forward. This will demand communication, dialogue and mediation, not a none-mandated code of conduct.

#WeAreNightlife aims to celebrate the hard work of hospitality venues such as Piano Works and showcase venues where its so crucial for them to reopen, for both their survival and the wellbeing of customers.

Tristan tell us what he’s most looking forward to in the coming weeks:

“We’ve been closed for nearly 15 months, we’ve had no cash through the business at all. For us it’s a do or die time, and its crucial that we open, we reopen strong and that our customers support us and give us the ability to get back on our feet.”

“So, I’m really looking forward to welcoming people back, seeing those happy faces, giving our musicians and staff paid employment again – getting people socialising again, getting people back together.”

On the topic of reopening and what customers want from a late-night venue:

“It’s a question of ethics, people want to see that you’re trying to be sustainable, that you’re sourcing sustainable products, that you’re using non-plastic straws, that you’re trying to cut down on your impact on the environment. I think this is going to grow a lot, but I also had a strong belief the  two last major pandemics – you had Spanish flu in 1910 and that was followed by the roaring twenties and that was a decade of hedonism.”

“People have been repressed for 14 months, the appetite to go out is BIG. And the appetite to really let your hair down and go for it is enormous. We opened in December and people were not allowed to dance or sing, and our two nights that we were open is like playing a game of human whack-a-mole. They (Customers) are absolutely up for it, and I can’t wait to see it.”

“Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday night that we have here is unbelievable because you have 400 people joined together in song, singing at the top of their lungs, arm in arm; so it makes your hair stand on end when you watch it.”

Find out more about Piano Works here and stay updated with how things are going for Matt and the team.

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